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Home Technology MI Band 7 Price in Pakistan and Their Features and Specifications

MI Band 7 Price in Pakistan and Their Features and Specifications

by Shopistan Digital - 12 Aug 2022, Friday 110 Views Like (0)
MI Band 7 Price in Pakistan and Their Features and Specifications

The Mi Band lineup has always created a lot of buzz amidst the technology world for its affordable mi band 7 price in Pakistan and/or advanced features, so when rumors came about a new Xiaomi Mi Band 7, there was no holding back. With the first official announcement revealing that it would have a 90-day standby time, a feature that even the most expensive Smart Watches canít match, I think we can safely say that this is one of the most anticipated smart bands so far. What do smart bands have exactly?

Mi Band 7 Price In Pakistan

First of all, there is no word to describe how happy I am that the Mi store has been able to make a successful comeback with its latest smart Mi Band 7. The company has been able to revive the tech market in the world with these excellent devices.

Are you looking for Mi Band 7 Price in Pakistan but are really unsure? You are at the right place, then. We have tried to cover all aspects of this product so that you can, without a doubt, make an informed decision on buying a Mi Band.

News is out that Xiaomi is launching its new smart fitness tracker in Pakistan. This time it is the Mi Band 7 which will be one of the most advanced devices from the company in terms of credentials and features.

The Mi Band 7 is the latest fitness tracker by Xiaomi which brings a lot of new features. This tracking device is priced under 10k. So if you are interest in this fitness tracking band. Then letís see where you can buy this device or get more information about it.

The best fitness trackers usually have the most types of functions and are usually the most expensive. The Mi band 7 is included in this category. Letís look at its competitors with a similar price range, the Fitbit Charge 2 and the Garmin Vivoactive 3, to see how it stacks up against them.

There are many great fitness bands out there in the market but Mi Band 7 is what I like. This band deserves every bit of attention it is getting and as you know. The latest thing in the tech world has something savory to offer.

Features Of Xiaomi Mi Band 7

  • A pulse sensor: Heart rate monitoring during sports; pulse notice; resting pulse estimation; calories consumed computation in light of pulse information; pulse zones; 24-hour pulse pattern graph; rest quality examination in view of pulse information.
  • Wellness level assessment: everyday step count objective setting; dynamic minutes objective setting; distance voyaged objective setting; stationary reminder objective setting; rest quality assessment in light of rest monitoring information (better rest quality = higher score).
  • Rest monitoring: rest tracking (including light rest and profound rest); smart wake-up caution.

Battery Life

The Mi Band 7 has a 180mAh battery capacity, which is about 50% more than the previous generation Mi Band 3. The Mi Band 7ís charging type is magnetic charging, and the charging time is ?2 hours. It can be use for up to 14 days after a full charge.


Fall area ability: When the client tumbles down, the Smart Watches will send an alert message to the phone and begin monitoring. Assuming there is no improvement following 30 seconds, it will send another caution message to the clientís phone, asking if they need help.

PPG beat sensor and an extraordinarily precise 6-turn sensor Low-power, six-center sensor beat sensor with a PPG and a 3-center point accelerometer. With distant camera capacity, you have a command over your camera to take photos in a good way, moreover, you can use the Mi band 7 as a regulator to take pictures.

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Specifications Of Mi Band 7

  • Mi Band 7 accompanies a 5ATM water-safe rating, so you can take it swimming with practically no issues. It additionally upholds Bluetooth 5.2 BLE availability and has an operating framework in view of Android 6.0 or higher, and iOS 10 or higher.
  • Mi Band 7 is the most recent smart band by Xiaomi. The organization asserts that this gadget is slimmer, smarter, and more adaptable to use than some other past deliveries. Mi Band 7 smooth plan with an IP rating of level 40 is one more benefit for this.
  • Other than that, Mi smart band 7 accompanies a 1.62-inch OLED show board. Which obviously shows the means you have strolled, calories consumed, and pulse checked. Xiaomi Mi Band 7 weight is around 13.5g, making it light to wear for an entire day. Alongside these highlights, the gadget accompanies a rest monitoring highlight too.
  • As the most famous brand, Xiaomi is centered around producing greater quality items to address the issues of its clients. Mi Band 7 has set another level for a wellness band. Its delightful and ergonomic plan, pulse monitoring capacity, Pure development reminder, rest quality monitoring, and different capabilities.
  • Wearing the best band for tracking your activities is quite possibly everything thing you can manage to partake in a valuable exercise. Quite possibly the main wearable band available is the Xiaomi Mi Band 7. There are various wearable bands. You can monitor your exercise exercises with its all help.
  • The essential element of this wearable band is that it has no showcase screen by any stretch of the imagination and it additionally neednít bother with any kind of battery to work. All you really want is to charge this wearable band and afterward, it will work for almost 20 days without getting charge.


When diverged from its adversaries, Xiaomi has achieved incredible levels in the most limited proportion of the time. Besides, following examining the interest for Xiaomi things in the ongoing business area, clearly, Xiaomi has been given a very tough home there. Regardless of the characterization to which they have a spot, Xiaomi contraptions are magnificently made to achieve their goals and, in this way, are laid out to leave a lasting association. you can absolutely check Mi Band 7 Price In Pakistan at

We think the waterproof component of the Mi Band 7 ó a huge movement in wearable innovation ó is extraordinary. In spite of the way that it might not give off an impression of being a fundamental capacity these days, assuming that you have another Mi Smart Band, youíll like the way that it might be used lower. Plus, itís extremely easy to coordinate with your new phone since itís a Xiaomi thing.