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Mobile CRM Solutions for the Cpg Industry

by Mehaique Nawaz - 09 Jun 2022, Thursday 87 Views Like (0)
Mobile CRM Solutions for the Cpg Industry

With empowered customers expecting more variety and quickness from their producers and shops, Consumerism is experiencing a fast transformation. Mobile solutions for consumer packaged goods (CPG) firms are turning to retailers for smooth trade coordination and demand for products and services, as the industry shifts from supply-driven to demand-driven and this is where the demand for the CPG Software Solution comes to picture. Consumers are now the king, and this is especially true in the current environment, when consumers are in control of strategic product development, innovation, safety, pricing, quality, and availability and the manufacturers have to design products based on the choices and demand of the customers.

This is putting pressure on CPG firms to enhance their strategic decision-making by continually assessing the retail landscape and developing appropriate campaigns. As a result, mobility is quietly making inroads into the CPG sector, revolutionising the way retailers and CPG firms function. An effective platform for information exchange and much more, linking all stakeholders including companies, retailers, and consumers.

Mobile CRM for Consumer Packaged Goods

Field sales professionals may use their mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to plan, execute, and follow up on contacts with prospects and customers using a Mobile Retail Execution Software. These systems frequently include many, if not all, of the same capabilities as a desktop CRM sales solution, as well as added functionality that takes advantage of mobile device characteristics.

Mobile solutions for CPG, consumer packaged goods CRM organisations such as brand manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors are the subject of this study. This market sector has been overlooked by traditional CRM software and it requires specific transactional ordering capabilities that are product-catalogue centred, as well as strong connectivity with the back-office ERP. As a result, most CPG sales teams still rely on pen and paper or simple, sometimes insufficient in-house built solutions to support their daily field activities.

he CPG sector's use of mobility solutions is here to stay, and it provides value to the industry by helping to develop a cohesive, meaningful, and long-term connection amongst all stakeholders. Companies are searching for dependable, cost-effective, and simple-to-use solutions to enable faster mobile adoption, which is the need of the hour.

Benefits of Mobile CRM

There are many benefits of mobile CRM and each of them is discussed below

  • Field sales personnel' efficiency is increased thanks to improved sales workflows, task management, and less paperwork.
  • Sales representatives and management may access data such as account history, recently acquired items, and current pricing in real time, ensuring that sales staff are knowledgeable, consultative, and that no sales opportunity is missed.
  • Personalised cross-sell and up-sell advice, tailored to the customer's demands, increase deal size or average purchase size.
  • Increases the efficiency of back-office personnel, who spend far less time on the phone addressing questions from field employees.
  • Sales staff may see prior purchases, stock on hand, verify the status of an order, view buying trends, and more, which improves customer service. Customers may speak with reps on the spot, and they can answer their inquiries and resolve any difficulties instantly.
  •  Reps are also well-versed with previous service requests, as well as what clients have complained about or been pleased with in the past. This has a direct influence on a customer's degree of happiness and faith in a company's professionalism.

What should CPG brands look for in a Mobile CRM Solution

There are a wide varieties of mobile-centric solutions that are provided by the CRM and below are modules that CPG brands must look for

  • Create new clients and keep track of current ones in the system, complete with all important customer information. Mandatory fields should be enforced according to your company's demands.
  • Sales representatives should be able to schedule customer visits and activities with them. Allow the representatives to utilise business filters to find the clients they want to see, map them out on a map, and drag them onto the calendar schedule.
  • To help salespeople make educated decisions, provide them a 360-degree perspective of the consumer. This contains information on prior contacts with customers, in-store activity, past orders, best-selling goods, outstanding debts, and more.
  • Allow representatives to use task management to track client contacts (phone calls, shop visits, trade show encounters, and more), as well as manage daily activities and follow-ups.
  • Reps should be able to engage with management and colleagues via online communication tools, exchange customer data, and support customers based on customizable business criteria like region, items, size, and status.

Mobility Channel and its impact on the CPG industry

Mobility is fast growing as a great channel for customer interaction, according to CPG marketers throughout the world, but some CPG firms have yet to completely realise its potential. A variety of strategies, ranging from text messaging to specific mobile applications and mobile-optimised web pages, are among the mobile capabilities. These methods necessitate a thorough and regular connection with the systems that keep track of retail and customer contact data.

Below are some of the major impacts of mobility channel on the CPG Industry

  • Mobility channel increases consumer engagement

Based on reliable consumer data, mobile may be used to convey the correct message to the right people. Mobility may change the way businesses perceive and interact with their consumers in this way.

  • Mobility channel proves helpful in warehouse asset tracking

A typical mobile solution should allow warehouse staff to scan, track, and manage assets throughout a warehouse, boosting data visibility and providing important insights.

  • Mobility channel increase the visibility with retailers

Using the correct Mobile Retail Execution Solution may assist increased communication between the firm, its mobile sales force, and in-store consumers, giving you an advantage in the retail floor.

  • Mobility channel improves business intelligence

Mobile technology may be used to boost corporate intelligence by facilitating data collecting and commodity tracking across the value chain. As a result, food processing firms may engage more proactively and effectively with small farmers to improve quality, reduce waste, and contribute to environmental improvement.