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Reasons Why You Cannot Move Apps to SD Card?

by Harshani Shetye - 06 Jun 2022, Monday 178 Views Like (0)
Reasons Why You Cannot Move Apps to SD Card?

Getting a new phone comes with multiple tasks. You have to transfer your entire data to your SD card or save it in your Google Account. However, when it comes to moving your apps to an SD card it seems like an impossible chore to tackle. First of all SD cards arrive with limited space. To find out all the reasons why you cannot move your apps to your SD card continue reading this article till the end.

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3 Reasons Why You Are Unable to Move Apps to SD Cards

  1. Device Manufacturing Issues

Most of the time you are unable to move apps to your SD Cards. Even if you bought it, especially for this particular reason.  Well over here your SD card is not the one to be blamed. Maybe it's your smartphone that is not compatible with moving apps to an SD card.

Nowadays, a lot of companies are manufacturing phones that are not supportive of moving apps to a memory card. Recent phones of Realme are the biggest example of this particular issue. You cannot save your apps to your memory card in your Realme phone unless you turn your memory card to internal storage by inserting it inside the phone.

  1. App Developer Decision

Not every app developer thinks the same way. Where some app creators don't have any issue with users moving their apps to a memory card. On the other hand, there are many app developers who for their subjective reasons and choices. Come to the decision that they rather add a code that will stop the user from moving their apps from the mobile internal storage to external storage.

  1. Shifting Wrong Applications

It is easier to move various gaming apps and social apps to an SD card. However, when a phone is manufactured the company installs some default apps on it. While keeping the comfort of the user in mind. Default apps such as Camera, Play Store, Google, Gmail, Messaging & Contact apps, Photo gallery, and Calendar. These default apps vary from brand to brand. But the apps that I have mentioned can be found on every Android phone. One cannot move a default app to the external memory card. Because these apps are designed to work best in the internal storage space. So in the future, you should forgo the idea of moving default apps to your sd card.

Things that You Can Do When Your Internal Storage is Full

If you cannot move your apps to your SD card, it won't take long before your internal storage gets full and therefore you will start facing lagging problems. It is every smartphone user's worst nightmare come true.

Now if you are thinking about what you can do to save internal storage space from reaching its limit. Below are some of the suggestions that you can follow and save your RAM.

  • Go to your Settings and now look for every default app and change their download location from internal storage to SD card.
  • Change YouTube and other music or visual file download location from internal to external storage.
  • Change your camera photos and video location from RAM to SD card.

Along with all these steps, you should weekly clear all the cache files from your device. Also, try to change every file download location from internal to external storage. This way even if your phone stops working in the future. You are going to still have those files saved inside your SD card.

Moving Gaming and Other Apps to SD Card

If you think moving the location of your file to an sd card is not enough and you want your favorite gaming and other apps saved inside your memory card. Follow the instructions down below:-

  • Go to your phone "Settings".
  • Apps> Choose an App of Your Choice.
  • Click on the Storage option.
  • At last click on the change default location > Now press on the external storage (SD card).

This way your app will easily move from phone internal storage to external storage.

Final Verdict:- These tricks may or not work on every app as we have already mentioned the reason above. Even though it is impossible to move various default app locations from internal to external storage. If that's the case then change the default app download location and save your phone storage space. Sell used phones for instant cash online and buy your favorite phone that will support app moving.