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Simple Method of Exporting Apple Mail to Windows Outlook

by Subhash Chander - 30 Jun 2022, Thursday 284 Views Like (0)
Simple Method of Exporting Apple Mail to Windows Outlook

The Apple product users can utilize Apple Mail, the Apple Mail application to manage their email messages. It also manages tasks, calendars, of calendars, contacts tasks, contacts, etc. It is included in every MacOS device as a default. It is currently supported by various email servers, including IMAP, POP, S/MIME, SMTP, and Exchange Server. It allows you to connect to your Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud as well as other accounts to this. Exchange accounts can be linked to Apple Mail.

The data file used by Apple Mail is MBOX. Therefore, if you wish the export of Apple Mail to Windows Outlook, you can't do it by hand. Outlook is compatible with PST and MBOX files cannot be opened in it.

Data transfer issues in between Apple Mail and Outlook

There's no possibility of manual transfers of data in between Apple Mail and Outlook due to the different databases. Apple Mail uses an MBOX file to store attachments, emails contacts, emails and other information. MS Outlook creates a PST file that stores all mailboxes including inboxes and sent items, archive folder and so on. The hierarchy of folders in both mailboxes differs and there isn't any manual process offered either Outlook as well as Apple to transfer to the files with data.

So, if you're making use of Apple Mail and are transferring your device in Apple into a Windows one, it is necessary to change the mail's MBOX files into native PST files before you can use the converted files to use them in Outlook.

Phase 1. Export MBOX files

Before beginning the process of conversion, you must download the MBOX file of your account. You can export your mailbox via an Export Mailbox option within Apple Mail.

  1. Start Apple Mail and connect to the account you would like to access within Outlook.

  2. Click to the Mailbox tab, then click Export Mailbox..

  3. Search your folders to backup the mailbox.

  4. A brand new MBOX file that contains the name of the account will be saved within the folder.

Once you have exported the MBOX then you need to transfer the file onto a Windows PC using a movable device such as Pen Drive, External hard disk, flash drive etc.

Phase-2. Convert MBOX to MBX file

  1. Installation of the Eudora application on your system and make use of it to connect to MBOX files within it.

  2. Change the name manually MBOX file into MBX format.

Phase-3. Import MBX files to Outlook

  1. Open Outlook and click the File option.

  2. Select to Import or Export.

  3. Select to import Internet Mail and Address and click the next button..

  4. Select Eudora (Pro or Light) Then Click the next button..

  5. Go through the Eudora folder that contains MBX files and then import it into Outlook.


Manual methods to transfer MBOX files into Outlook will finish the process, but some limitations may hinder the process.

  1. It's a long-winded process since it needs the Eudora application to be able to connect to MBOX files MBOX file and then convert it to MBX format.

  2. The chance of human error are increased due to the huge amount of steps involved during the process.

  3. This technique isn't working for the latest versions of Outlook such as 2019, 2016 2013, 2013.

What makes Outlook superior to Apple Mail?

Outlook along with Apple Mail both can do the basics of writing an email as well as managing emails. However, there are some differences that create a distinct difference between one another. Here are a few to consider

  1. MS Outlook is not a sole application for running emails exclusively. However, it is one of the most important components of MS Office Suite for professionals. It is possible to make use of other applications as well. Apple Mails is used to make emails for only one purpose. It's not used for anything else.

  2. Apple Mail is the default email management software for macOS devices. Therefore, it is accessible to all Apple phones, iPads and tablets. MS Outlook can be configured for use on Windows, macOS, Android and Web. This means that it's available more widely and beneficial across different platforms.

  3. Outlook offers a variety of customization features to handle multiple mailboxes. It is able to automatically archive the mail after a set time period or create a separate archive mailbox, operate in offline mode, etc. Apple Mail has limited customization features for managing the folders in a mailbox.

  4. Its interface for users of Outlook is more attractive and allows users to make calendars, contacts and to-do lists.

Apple Mail manages email accounts all in one location, however it does not have the collaboration features of Outlook.


Due to the benefits that come with MS Outlook, businesses like to utilize it for managing their email. However, Apple Mail cannot migrate its email messages directly to Outlook directly. Manually transferring email into Outlook is not recommended by professionals. Therefore, it is recommended to use an expert MBOX Exporter software to convert not just one , but several MBOX files into PST.

If you've export your MBOX document in Apple Mail, then you could transfer it to a Windows PC and run the software to convert it. There is no need to run the Eudora application to transform it into MBX format. The program will safeguard the mailboxes and ensure the correct organization of folders.