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Take the Animation to the Next Level With the Best 2D Animation Production Companies in Singapore!

by Samuel Tan - 23 Jun 2022, Thursday 260 Views Like (0)
Take the Animation to the Next Level With the Best 2D Animation Production Companies in Singapore!

Technology has been gaining power for a long, but as the world transits into complete digitization, it has established its reign over us. Today, with the rise of digital content, most businesses are keen to use animated videos to attract customers. 

In this scenario, the 2D animation hovers in the spotlight even after other updated animation forms have come into play. Hence, this type of animation continues to have global acclamation in multiple sectors like medical, engineering, architecture, etc. If you are someone from the above industry, opt for the top companies offering services of 2D Animation Production in Singapore

What is 2D animation & how is it created?

The animation process that involves the creation of figures and their movements in a two-dimensional artistic space is known as 2D animation. Over time the traditional method of 2D animation has transformed, and the production companies making animation video in Singapore; nowadays use digital techniques for creating 2D animation. The process includes:

  • Pre-Production

Pre-production is the starting point of making 2D animation videos where the production companies design the characters based on your script. At this stage, the animation artists draw simple sketches and develop them into detailed designs and images. They also create the backgrounds to bring the characters into life. 

  • Production

The next step is the production which includes background painting, creating separate scenes and the character's actions. The expert artists make a rough animation, trace the same and paint the drawings with the help of animation software. Finally, in the composting process, the proficient animators of the companies providing 2D Animation Production in Singapore add the backgrounds, frames, sounds and other effects to make the video a feast for the eyes.

  • Post-Production

During the post-production phase, the animators complete the final editing and give the finishing touches. They also add extra sound effects enhancing the emotional impact of the animation video and export the video in various formats after its completion. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What benefits do 2D animation services provide?

Through the 2D animation services, you can get amazing interactive videos or images to communicate a purpose to your target audience. These videos are also easy to share. So, your business can have greater outreach and earn more profits. 

Q. How has animation helped the education sector?

Education industries make different educational videos explaining various complex concepts with the help of animation involving graphics, motion videos and so on. These videos help the students develop a better conceptual understanding, which further helps them to excel in their academic performance. 

Q. Can I create 2D animation online?

Yes, you can create 2D animation online. Reach out to the best production companies to know the animation process in detail.


Animation services exert a full-fledged influence in promoting your business; they can help you take a new approach to presenting your products and services in the present-day digital world. The top-ranking production houses making animation video in Singapore provide premium services online; contact them soon to have seamless animation services.