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The Complete Guide to Save Facebook Video to iPhone

by Christy Morgan - 09 May 2022, Monday 103 Views Like (0)
The Complete Guide to Save Facebook Video to iPhone

Facebook is the most commonly used social media platform in the world, as it provides tons of incredible services through which you can easily connect with your friends, family, relatives, and colleagues all over the world. Facebook allows you to chat, make video calls, and voice calls along with many other features a row. 

Most probably we all watch videos on Facebook, sometimes we want to download them directly from Facebook but somehow we can’t do that with ease. In this case, you need Facebook Video Downloader. The larger number of Facebook’s user base is on a mobile platform, including iOS and Android. If you are using iPhone/iPad and want to save Facebook video to iPhone directly, you can use Facebook Video Downloader to save Facebook videos. 

FDownloader online Facebook video downloader

FDownloader for Facebook is one of the best tools to save HD Facebook videos online. Its user-friendly software with many user-facilitation options has made it more reliable. Using this tool, you can easily manage downloading videos from Facebook streams, groups, and entertainment pages and share them further. 

This FDownloader works well on all devices and operating systems Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android making it easier for users to save Facebook videos for free from Facebook. FDownlader is completely free and you can choose to save Facebook video to iPhone in SD, HD, or any other quality. With the video downloaded to your phone, you can stream it offline and also share it with your friends. 

Why use our FDownloader tool?

Have you ever wondered why someone would use Facebook Downloader? And why does FDownloader outperform all other competitors? 

People around the world are using Facebook, the most active and popular social media platform ever. It was a resounding success at first and continues to grow into an energetic gift. So think about the size of the platform and its built-in power? But never let lack a little distraction. 

Facebook does not allow users to save Facebook video to iPhone offline and get them in the memory card or hard drive of the device. When it is not default, you need the support of a third-party tool to go ahead. Meet the professional assistant, Facebook Downloader. It is free, superfast, and highly efficient!

Features of FDownloader

1. Quick and easy 
Our Free video downloader helps you quickly download any video formats like SD, HD, and MP3 

2. Unlimited download 

Support downloading and converting unlimited videos with the best transfer speed. 

3. Safety and Security 

The converted and downloaded files are kept with the same quality and content as the Original Video. 

4. Support all Devices 

FDownloader online is a website-based video downloader that works well on all platforms like Windows, Mac or Linux, Android, and iPhone without downloading or installing any software. 

5. Support multiple formats

Our online FDownloader supports converting many video and audio formats. You can easily convert all videos to MP3, MP4, and so on. 

6. free forever 

FDownloader is 100% free and always will be to save Facebook video to iPhone. 

How to save Facebook video to iPhone?

Can you download Facebook videos to your iPhone? I have come across this question many times from different users. Due to Apple's privacy policy, you generally cannot download Facebook videos, music (MP3), or MP4 movies to your iPhone as you can with Android phones. But by using our FDownloader you can do it easily without any problem. 

To save Facebook video to iPhone, tap Share on Video, then tap Copy Link. Then go to FDownloader, paste the link, and hit Download File. This is the easiest way to save FB video to iPhone photo gallery.

Step by step guide to save Facebook video to iPhone or iPad

Just follow these steps to save Facebook videos to your iPhone or iPad: 

Step 1:
Open the Facebook video you want to download in the Facebook app or website 

Step 2: On the app, click Share and then tap Copy Link. On the web page, copy the link in the URL bar 

Step 3: Open FDownloader on a browser that supports downloading. 

Step 4: Paste the link where it is requested and click the "Download" button 

Step 5: Click the button below to download, press, and hold in normal quality or HD or SD as you want 

Step 6: Then click the "Download" button again 

Step 7: Go to the photo library in the Photos app, the video will appear there

Where are Facebook videos saved after being downloaded?

When you download Facebook video, they are usually saved in the folder you have set as default on your device. Your browser normally sets this folder on your device. In browser settings, you can change and choose manually the destination folder for your downloaded Facebook videos.

Is FDownloader safe to save Facebook video to iPhone?

Oh no, the FDownloder tool does not host videos nor keep copies of downloaded videos. We support rendering video with a loss of audio and no archive. All videos are stored on Facebook's servers and are only downloaded to your device.

Can save live-streamed videos and private videos to iPhone?

When you log in to Facebook videos you see private Facebook videos you don't need to source and paste-like other websites, too complicated, with FDownloder, you just need to copy the video link and paste them go to enter the link box, and click download. 

We support downloading Live videos as well, but only after they're done. during playback will not be able to download.


In this guide, we have taught you how to save Facebook video to iPhone. We've given you a complete guide to doing this. Furthermore, we have suggested our amazing FDownloader tool that will help you to transfer downloaded videos from your computer to your iPhone. 

Now you can watch your downloaded videos comfortably without using the Internet. Note that videos will take up a lot of space on your iPhone or iPad. A basic iOS device is not suitable for storing large data; upgrade your iCloud storage, or you need to learn how to free up space on your iPhone or iPad by deleting documents and data.