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Top Recommended Tools to Check Your Grammar Mistakes in 2022

by Ruby Singh - 22 Apr 2022, Friday 106 Views Like (0)
Top Recommended Tools to Check Your Grammar Mistakes in 2022

If you want to improve your English in a professional way and boost up your writing skills, it is very important to pay close attention to your grammar. 

Do not worry if you make grammatical mistakes while writing, because everyone makes at least some errors while writing. 

A solid understanding of the language’s grammatical rules will help you go a long way to improve your grammar, enhance your formal communication, and impress the readers. 

In this post, we are enlisting five of the top-rated grammar checkers for you to improve your grammar in 2022. Before going ahead let's just understand what grammar checker tools are and how they work.

A grammar checker is an online tool checker that is now considered the most basic tool for writers or English learners. A grammar checker incorporates the most advanced technology to identify and correct linguistic inaccuracies found in sentences. 

Sometimes, we need some extra help to find out the mistakes in our writings, here when a grammar checker comes in handy. A good grammar checker is a great tool that identifies common writing errors including grammar, tenses, punctuations, and usual slip-ups.

Best grammar checkers for improving your sentence

There are several websites that offer grammar checkers for improving your sentences. The most accurate and popular ones are listed below. 


For some writers, a simple tool like Microsoft Word might be sufficient, as long as they use it efficiently. However, if you are serious about improving your English through editing and writing, then a dedicated grammar checker is the way to go.

Grammarly is the best grammar checker on the internet because it is developed by using the most advanced technology that helps greatly in the improvement of all types of written texts. 

This means that the tool is constantly being updated and improved based on users' feedback and suggestions. The app also has some features that can help you with content writing as well.

The software is free online and available for download. It will improve your English grammar, spelling, and overall writing style. It will also fix your common errors in writing such as punctuation and capitalization. 

If you are a student, teacher or writer, it is the perfect tool for checking your text for grammar mistakes before you submit the final draft. Not just that, it is great for keeping your writing polished and professional.

By checking any text with Grammarly, there will be no spelling or grammar errors left behind. The chrome-based extension is perfect for users who want to write in their browser. It's fast, easy, and effective—and it is trusted by millions of users.

We recommend this best grammar checker it has a few key features:

1. Spelling corrections—underlines misspelled words

2. Grammatical corrections—turns passive voice into active voice with a single click

3. Plagiarism checker—checks for copied text as well

The software is free online and available for download. However, it also has its premium paid version that comes for $30 USD/month.


Prepostseo offers the best easy-to-use interface with some other standing-out features. Right off the bat, you can use this tool without logging in or any registration, however, you will find extra accuracy in detecting errors and suggesting alternative words after login through your account with this version. 

This best grammar checker highlights common grammar mistakes by the pop-up underlined as you type. For example, if you forget to use commas in a line, it will make sure you correct it. Prepostseo grammar checker also provides you plagiarism checker option. You can also check the uniqueness of your content.

Prepostseo checks for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and more with its use of patent-pending technology, so even if you have your own favorite writing style, Prepostseo will still find mistakes in your work.


Another highly professional grammar checker is Prowritingaid, a writing assistance software program for detecting errors and improving English. It is designed to improve your writing when you feel like it needs some polishing or it is bland to read. 

This sentence corrector tool analyzes not only the basic structure of sentences but also their complexity, vocabulary use, and even adherence to the standard rules of grammar.

This tool provides suggestions on how to improve the style and readability of essays and papers, as well as offers tips on how to resolve any grammatical issues in a single click.

Prowritingaid also checks the context of your content and is flexible enough that you can set it up on a specific project or for general writing online. 

Prowritingaid is pretty simple to use but has a ton of features that make it unique. It can:

  • Identify grammatical mistakes.
  • Check your writing for sentence variety. 
  • Manage the readability grade.
  • Checks content for plagiarism 
  • Highlight the passive voice in your writing.
  • Provide emotional suggestions.
  • Unusual dialogue tags.

This sentence corrector is designed to help anyone who wants to improve their writing skills. It helps editors, teachers, students, bloggers, and anyone else who wants to take their writing to the next level. 

Moreover, you can easily download its extension that runs smoothly on google docs, chrome, Microsoft, etc. It is quite an affordable grammar corrector that costs around $79.00/year.

It's not always easy to find time to make sure you have the best grammar in your writing. The solution to this problem? “grammar checker”. grammar checker is designed to help you improve your writing by flagging common errors in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, word choice, and more. It also helps you weed out commonly misused words that can be confusing for your readers.

With this tool at your hand, you'll be able to write with confidence and certainty. It was developed by a team of experts in the field of language, which allows it to perform advanced grammar checking with some other features. 

The tool has undergone many changes during its development, but some of its most basic features have remained unchanged, like:

-Artificial intelligence that offers suggestions for correcting your mistakes

-Supports over 50 different types of languages

-Can auto-detect the language

-A free sentence corrector that can check an unlimited number of files


WhiteSmoke offers three fully integrated English writing toots: grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and translator that supports 50 languages, all rolled into one. Its grammar checker is the most accurate writing corrector you'll find anywhere.

WhiteSmoke understands you. It understands your needs as a writer, and it knows what it takes to make you feel confident about your work. 

That's why every WhiteSmoke writing tool is designed to help you take your writing to the next level, whether it's the grammar checker, eliminating duplicated text from your content, or translating any sentence into multiple languages.

Its grammar checker has a huge database, checking your writing against over 6 billion words in real-time. It offers the most accurate suggestions to help you improve your text. It not only finds the mistakes; it also suggests how to correct them.

This grammar checker is great too:

Write and edit faster with automatic proofreading and error correction that fix common spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style errors as you type.

What's more, it comes in two packages; desktop premium and WhiteSmoke web. WhiteSmoke web always checks your text by simply logging in through your web browser. It is a pretty affordable tool at only $5/month.

The tool runs smoothly on multiple browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and more.


Writing is a skill that you can improve with practice, whether you're at school or working or simply trying to write your life story. But it's hard to know whether you've used the right grammar and style, or how to make it read better.

Before the internet, we had to rely on dictionaries and hard books for checking the grammar in any text. Nowadays, all you need to do is open the web, search for a free tool and get your text professionally checked in seconds!

The above-mentioned tools are powerful grammar checkers that helps you pinpoint and fix grammatical errors as well as writing tone issues. 

These tools will highlight all the errors in your writing, and even give you some suggestions on how to fix them. 

As all of these tools are developed by professional writers themselves, it understands what makes good writing great and can help improve your skills while providing useful tips along the way. So, why not give them a try?