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Traditional vs Digital Bill Boards: Which Would Suit Your Business Better?

by Earstine Harvey - 02 Sep 2022, Friday 838 Views Like (0)
Traditional vs Digital Bill Boards: Which Would Suit Your Business Better?

Massive, colourful, and eye-catching Billboards have been your constant companion and that of advertising for decades. You see them on your way to the gym, going to work, running errands or taking long-road journeys. With their creative designs, they hold your attention and impart their message in the blink of an eye.

That said, billboards are still standing tall even in today's digital landscape, where most advertising takes place on social media channels and other online marketing platforms.

Though, there is a shift from traditional to digital billboards. Let's discuss this in a bit more detail.

Traditional Billboards: Pros and Cons

Traditional Billboards are a part of advertising where a large-scale print is utilised to market a brand, product or service or deliver a campaign message. They have been a staple part of marketing for centuries, and many big brands, from Coca-Cola, IKEA, and FedEx, constantly use them for brand promotion.

Typically, they can be seen in crowded areas of cities and highways for maximum reach and awareness. Traditional billboards are made of vinyl paper or paper with lights for better visibility during the dark.

Since they are located in prominent places, hardly anyone would miss their presence. They help you broadcast your message to a wide range of audiences and gather the highest number of views.

Benefits of Traditional Billboard

  • Generally, they are less expensive
  • Supports long-term brand awareness
  • Gives brand exposure
  • Located in a high-traffic area

Challenges with using Traditional Billboard

  • Higher production fees connected to changing ads or updating information
  • Weather can peel, fade or dirty the advertisement
  • Limited space means limited information display
  • Unusual dimensions can hamper the creativity of the AD

Digital Billboards: Pros and Cons

With the shift towards digitalisation and rising technological advancements, every sector of human life has witnessed change, notably in marketing and advertising. Online advertising uses the internet to help a business send a message out to their customers, be it related to their brand, product or service.

Digital Billboard is what it sounds like - a billboard featuring a digital screen controlled remotely by a computer. It comprises light-emitting diodes and helps display multiple images or play videos.

Also, it is not specifically limited to advertising of a single company.

All digital billboards run multiple ads for different businesses at predetermined intervals. You can see them not only in outdoor locations, but they are also a part of airports, shopping centres, or kiosks.

Benefits of Digital Billboards

  • Update and modify advertisements as often as possible
  • There is no limit to information displayed
  • Allows you to be creative by creating eye-catching videos
  • Customised schedules help in targeting different prospects throughout the day or week
  • Perfect for short-term advertising or promotions

Challenges of using Digital Billboards

  • More expensive to purchase and use ???????
  • Ads remain visible for a shorter period

Billboards are a constant part of your life. You are highly likely to see a billboard whenever you step out of your home for whatever reason. Sometimes, you may ignore it, but other times, when the AD is visually-appealing, it will instantly catch your attention and probably push you towards action.

Billboards are the best way to enhance brand awareness, deliver campaign messages, and station quick calls to action. It doesn't matter which route you take, traditional or digital billboards - what is important is that you plan the message creatively and relevantly.

One thing is for sure billboards are here to stay and will continue to fuel marketing efforts!