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Ways an Applicant Tracking System Can Streamline Your Hiring Process

by kathie murphy - 15 Jul 2022, Friday 454 Views Like (0)
Ways an Applicant Tracking System Can Streamline Your Hiring Process

An important aspect of the employee experience is the hiring procedure. It provides potential workers a sense of what it would be like to work for your organization and sets the tone for how they would be treated as employees. You have the opportunity to make a fantastic first impression on potential workers and build relationships with applicants who didn't get the job but could be a perfect fit for something else. 


You don't want to keep potential workers hanging around for too long, even in a labor market when hiring is simpler than it has been in recent months. One of the main reasons prospects ghost potential employers is a drawn-out, challenging recruiting process. You can't afford to lose qualified individuals to ineffective hiring procedures when there are more than 11 million open openings and only.5 workers per position. 


Software, thankfully, offers a fix! An applicant tracking system (ATS) can be the cornerstone of quicker, more effective hiring procedures.


 Why Use an ATS?

Managing quick, effective hiring while managing a thousand other recruitment duties can be difficult: 


  • Locating candidates for more vacant positions 
  • Creating job advertisements and job descriptions 
  • Arranging interviews and selecting candidates 
  • Make sure you select the best-qualified applicant 
  • Notifying candidates who were rejected 
  • Keeping past prospects interested in case a new chance presents itself


These duties and many others can be completed more quickly and easily by HR teams thanks to the software provided by applicant tracking systems. A good candidate experience can be created and managed by HR teams using ATS, enabling them to make better recruiting decisions based on their recruitment data.


  • Get in touch with applicants right away

The ability to easily connect with many other individuals is a feature of all technology that is universally beneficial. Consider this: You could post anything on social media, send an email, or arrange a Zoom conference, and hundreds of people would see it. 


The same is true for recruiters, who are provided tools by ATS software to easily communicate with and engage job searchers. Your recruiters can manage job board listings and swiftly publish across several job boards using an applicant tracking system, saving a ton of time compared to going in and out of various accounts.


  • Connect over text 

Since 89% of job searchers would rather text about a job than call or email, text message recruitment can be highly successful. Additionally, most text messages are answered within a few minutes instead of days for email replies. Therefore, recruiting recruiters need an ATS that offers text communication features to establish quick relationships and hire people. According to recruiters, texting has response rates of as much as 50% higher. 


One-on-one, tailored candidate contact can be an advantage of an applicant tracking system. The technology allows for text exchanges, which retain a record of talks that are visible to all recruiters.


  • Make applying easy for applicants

Up to 60% of online applications are abandoned, mostly because they are too long or difficult. With an ATS, you can combat that. The top ATS programs available today provide you with the tools you need to develop mobile-friendly job applications and applications that can be sent by text message. Because it merely requires a few clicks, more prospects will apply, which might result in a quicker hiring process. 


We are confident in this statement since clients utilizing Text-to-Apply experience a 3.5x increase in applicant volume and a 400% reduction in time to hire.


  • Assess applicants using a uniform scale

Sometimes it can be difficult for hiring teams to agree on a candidate, much less analyze each prospect according to the same standards. Using tools provided by recruiting software, interviewers can make sure they are posing the same questions and scoring candidates uniformly. To ensure fair candidate scoring, applicant tracking software guides hiring managers and recruiters to follow and Interview Scorecards to gather feedback from each applicant.


These interviewing tools assist recruiting teams in grading candidates more equitably and choosing which candidate to employ based on ratings from interviewers and total scores.


  • Reduce the number of scheduling

Most applicant tracking systems provide automatic interview scheduling, allowing candidates to click a link and select an interview time on the recruiters' calendars. With no need to exchange back-and-forth emails to schedule interviews with recruiters, candidates can take charge and select the time and date that work for them. In addition, the interview scheduling options provided by ATS solutions allow you to set up interviews in minutes rather than taking six emails and 48 hours.


  • Connects to LinkedIn Recruiter

Many recruiters utilize LinkedIn Recruiter to find applicants because there are 1.6 million active users on the platform. To maintain data consistency between the ATS and LinkedIn Recruiter, great ATS solutions will support this connectivity. 


LinkedIn's hiring tool Connect saves recruiters time by synchronizing applicant data between the two systems. Instead of directing job candidates to your career site, where you risk losing them, LinkedIn Apply Connect keeps them on LinkedIn as they apply for one of your open roles.


  • Study your actual data

We know that you are always seeking methods to streamline the hiring process, including a smooth applicant experience and a quick time to hire. However, you can't make significant improvements unless you understand where your hiring procedure is turning away prospects or creating bottlenecks. 


However, with HR software ATS, recruitment reports provide access to information like cost per hire, best sources for candidates, the number of available positions, and other crucial recruiting indicators. As a result, you can make better-educated judgments and track how those changes influence the data for the most effective methods by arming yourself with the genuine data generated by your recruitment efforts.


  • Create talent communities using previous applications 

One of the trickier aspects of recruiting is finding candidates. First, you must locate a reliable source for candidates, pick out possible applicants who meet the requirements, get in touch with them, and then wait for a response. Not to add, you should have a pool of candidates you can draw from rather than starting from scratch each time a position becomes available. 


With applicant tracking software solutions, you can quickly create that prospect pool with an ATS. Then, finding top employees with the necessary qualifications and experience is simple, thanks to your searchable ATS database.


Summing Up

There are many more advantages to using a contemporary hiring platform than what we've covered here, and there's no question that applicant tracking software will continue to advance and make breakthroughs in the future that will help businesses like yours for years to come. Don't overlook the various benefits of adopting an ATS throughout the hiring process—achieve your hiring objectives, wow applicants, and boost recruiting effectiveness with the help of software. 


Discover these benefits for yourself and how an applicant tracking system can help you expedite your hiring process. Then, request a demo from a specialist provider right away.