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Why Choose Nodejs for Your Next Web App Development Project?

by Emily White - 01 Aug 2022, Monday 415 Views Like (0)
Why Choose Nodejs for Your Next Web App Development Project?

You must choose the right technology to build a market-ready solution for your business. Many companies decide to go with NodeJS development to create a competitive website or app. 

NodeJS is one of the most popular cross-platform JavaScript runtime environments for building scalable and efficient REST APIs, desktop applications, mobile apps, and IoT-based products. It implements backend solutions using JavaScript. 

NodeJS is designed to create scalable network applications. If you are thinking of generating dynamic content and conveniently reading/deleting files on servers, then select NodeJS. The NodeJS development company can leverage the following benefits for backend development. 

5 Reasons to Select NodeJS for Web Development Project

  1. Scalability

Every website requires a scalable backend, which Node.JS excels at providing. Cloning, deconstructing, and vertical and horizontal partitioning are just a few of the scalability techniques NodeJS uses to manage an expanding demand with excellent uptime. NodeJS can work all your programs, whether you want to handle a more significant workload or increase availability to failure.

  1. Superior Performance

NodeJS performs better compared to other runtime environments since it is single-threaded. NodeJS establishes a single main thread that handles all server requests, blocking I/O operations as if they weren't blocking. In general, it enhances website performance and speeds upscaling.

  1. Increases Productivity

Developers may handle NodeJS packages because NodeJS is already installed in the Node Package Manager. Furthermore, NPM improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the JavaScript development process. The NPM CLI and simple package download and installation methods increase web development productivity.

  1. Single Code Base

Proper synchronization—easier said than done—helps transfer data between the server and client. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to use Node.js for your next project and write separate JavaScript files for the server and the client.

NodeJS is an excellent option for NodeJS development businesses since it can run the same code on both the client and the server.

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  1. SEO Friendly

Every firm must have friendliness in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to survive in the digital age. Node.js is an essential component of your app development tech stack if you don't want to miss out on SEO.

NodeJS's backend rendering improves a website's engagement and visibility, which are necessary for it to rank according to Google's SEO criteria.

Wrapping It Up!!

If you are looking for exceptional technology to develop scalable, efficient, and faster web apps, then Node.js may be the best choice.

Whether programming drones/robots, building complex real-time web apps or developing an IoT-based system, you can benefit from this tech stack. With time, many organizations have started adopting Node.js and yielded positive results. 

To leverage the capabilities of NodeJS for web development, choose the company with the requisite experience. Check their portfolio to find out how many NodeJS projects they have completed.