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Why go for a PKNIC prepaid card to buy the domain in Pakistan?

by tech sole3 - 26 May 2022, Thursday 292 Views Like (0)
Why go for a PKNIC prepaid card to buy the domain in Pakistan?

PKNIC cards are the least difficult method for enlisting a new .pk domain or restore a current one. These cards are not genuine cards however electronic numbers. You can utilize these domain cards to add domain credit to your PKNIC account. One card number is substantial for quite some time of domain enrollment or restoration. These are accessible from different .pk domain affiliates, including Navicosoft and others. The domain market for .pk and has not yet arrived at immersion, and there are still a lot of good names accessible for exchanging or individual use from here on out.

The most widely recognized reason for buying PKNIC domain cards is to get a pk domain with a .pk postfix to take your image on the web and construct your site, or others wish to fabricate a web-based bunch over the web, which is the reason they require a domain. In this way, whether you are a NGO, enormous venture or a new business, cards will meet your domain name enlistment needs in Pakistan with ccTLD pk.

Which domains are accessible to buy utilizing PKNIC prepaid cards?

You can utilize PKNIC prepaid cards to buy all domains with the .pk augmentation that should be enrolled or restored.

Consider the accompanying tips at the top of the priority list while buying another domain utilizing a card

           The length of the domain name, barring the .pk part, ought to really depend on 63 characters. It ought to depend on 67 characters long with the .pk addition.

           Other than the .pk segment, the base length of a web domain in second-level domains ought to be four letters. For example,

           The negligible domain name length for the third-level domain is one person. Likewise, you can't enlist a domain, for example,

           A domain name can't start with a scramble or have two sequential runs.

Buy your required domain from the PKNIC card

To utilize the PKNIC Prepaid card, you should buy it from a PKNIC official Partner. You can continue as follows

1.         Go to the following website:

2.         Click the Request Now button.

3.         Click the Look at button.

4.         If you as of now have a record, click on Login. If you don't have a record, finish up and adhere to the sign-up directions.

5.         Choose your installment option and snap complete request.

6.         You will then, at that point, see an affirmation email on your screen and your receipt. Likewise, you will send a receipt duplicate to your enrolled email address.

7.         After making the installment, you will get card data PKNIC Card, Card Number, Serial Number and Pin Code.

8.         After getting the card data, you should visit the PKNIC site

9.         Sign in to your PKNIC account; make one in the event that you don't have one.

10.       After signing in, go to charging, then, at that point Add Domain Credit, then By Prepaid Cards.

11.       Then, in the Prepaid Cards box, enter your Card Number and Pin for the cards, then, at that point, click Add to my equilibrium.

12.       Next, go to Charging and click on Record Balance.

13.       Then, your prepaid card equilibrium will be shown; assuming you add one card, 1 domain credit will be accessible; on the off chance that you add two cards, 2 domain credits will be accessible.

14.       Then, again, click on Charging, then Use domain credit, then To Register Domain.

15.       After clicking To Register Domains, it will guide you to the domain enlistment page, where you should finish the accompanying advances

           In the Domain name region, type in your ideal domain name, for example, or Input the domain name you expect here.

           Enter the accompanying domain proprietor data

o          Organization: Provide the name of your organization.

o          Role Name or Contact Person: Top off your name here.

o          Address: Enter your working environment or street number here.

o          City: Enter the name of your city.

o          Country: Choose a country.

o          Zip/postal code: Type in your postal code here.

o          Email address: Type in your email address here.

o          Phone Number: Enter your wireless or office telephone number here.

           Go to the following area of Specialized Contact and snap Add.

           Subsequent to clicking Add, you will see the structure beneath on your screen. Enter the expected data and afterward click Add this contact.

           Enter your Charging Contact; this is discretionary, however if you need to add one, tick Add.

           At the point when you click Add, it will divert you to an Add a New Billing Contact structure. Enter the expected data and afterward click Add this contact.

           After you've added the Billing Contact, the accompanying advance is to add Nameservers (DNS), so click Add.

           Then you'll be diverted to the Add a New Nameservers Set Form, where you'll enter your Primary and Secondary Nameservers and snap Add this.

16.       After tapping on Add this Nameservers Set, you will divert to your principal structure and snap on Actually take a look at Box, then, at that point, Click on Submit Domain Application.

17.       Then in the wake of clicking Submit Domain Application, you will be diverted to the accompanying page, where you will affirm the domain name you need to buy and snap Affirm Order and Continue.

18.       After clicking Affirm Order and Continue, it will make you to the third stride, where you will actually want to affirm your domain enrollment.