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5 Best Countries to Visit in the World in 2022!

by Chris Blair - 17 Aug 2022, Wednesday 387 Views Like (0)
5 Best Countries to Visit in the World in 2022!










Planning a trip can be a tedious endeavor. From deciding upon which country to head to, to booking the tickets, looking at the best stays and their offer deals, and whether it is the ideal season to travel to that particular part of the world. 

Well, it doesn’t end here. Now comes the most important part. Getting everyone in one place and convincing them to free up their schedules. It can be quite an adventure.

5 Countries To Visit Around The World

“If you never go,

You’ll never know.”

The following list is to help you ease your confusion regarding, which countries to visit. 

1. Sri Lanka

If you are a sucker for lush greenery and scenic beaches- Sri Lanka is your perfect match. It is the land of golden beaches, exotic tea plantations, mountains shrouded in mist, and jungles comprising a varied range of wildlife. Sri Lanka is considered to be the best country to visit among all the other Asian countries.

Sri Lanka is particularly known for its 4th highest peak- Adam’s Peak. It is home to the largest living mammal in the world,- the blue whale. Hiking the former and swimming with the latter. What an adventure.

Some of the other places to explore would be The Sigiriya Rock, Dutch Fort, and The Dambulla Cave Temple. You cannot afford to miss the famous Ramayan Tour.

The best time to visit this country would be during the months of December- March.

2. Zimbabwe

A South African country in the guise of a hidden gem. 

Zimbabwe consists of four of the heritage sites in the world. They are namely, The Victoria Falls, The Mana Pools National Parks, The Great Zimbabwe Ruins and The Kama Ruins. What are the chances that you’ll get to see the Big Five in your lifetime? 

Well, the chances are pretty high. A safari tour of the world’s most renowned national park is all that you need.  Next, to the safari tour is white water rafting & canoeing in The Zambezi River. One of the best countries for explorers  & globe-trotters.

The best time to visit this place would be during the months of May - September. Not to forget the local delicacies. You certainly won’t be disappointed. 

3. India 

The land where spirituality meets adventure. 

India is home to many cultures, cuisines, and languages. If diversity was a competition, then India would be the winner. It is not possible to explore the entirety of India in a single lifetime.

Starting from primitive heritage architectures to crystal clear lakes. To exotic volcanoes and barren deserts and wildlife reserves. Here, you get to experience the calm of the rurals amalgamated with the boisterousness of the urbans.  

Cities like Rajasthan, Goa, Delhi, Kerala, Himachal, and Kolkata are known to draw people from across the world. Historical tours and temple hopping are the two most valued activities. The wonders of India.

The best time to visit this country would be during the months of October-March.

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4. Bhutan

The happiest country in the whole world. 

Bhutan imparts tranquillity to the people visiting the country. A trip to Bhutan is like a bowl of warm chicken soup that soothes our sick souls. Bored of regular shenanigans? The burden of responsibilities crushing you? 

Simple! Head to Bhutan.

Experience a culturally eccentric journey with Bhutan. On one hand, are the exotic terrains wrapped in lush greenery, which is ideal for activities like hiking and trekking.  On the other hand,  is a spiritual trip to The ancient Bhutanese Temples.

Other activities include learning archery, residing in a homestay and, if possible, being part of a festival. 

Some other notable places to visit would be, Paro Taktsang, Punakha Dzong, Phobjikha valley, and Chomolhari. The perfect time to visit Bhutan would be during the months of October- November, and March-May. 

5. Barbados

The synonym for sunny beaches. 


What is the point of a vacation? If not, a Caribbean vacay

Barbados is all about its lush green resorts and idyllic beaches. Everything about this country imparts an aroma of holiday. Albeit, not the Roman one! It offers a laid-back atmosphere, which is ideal for a holiday. 

The ‘Land Of The Flying Fish’, is certain to give you the ultimate vacay vibe. Other tourist attractions would be, The Bathsheba Beach,The Bridgetown, and The Hunte’s Gardens

The best time of visit would be during the months of December-April. The ideal time to engage in fun activities, like,  Sunbathing, The Sunset walk at the Barbados boardwalk, and The Water activities. A 360-degree photography-worthy location.


Don’t you find it difficult? To come back home after having the experience of an amazing holiday. It's somewhat like; you’re in a wonderland where you are a princess. 

And boom!

You wake up. You’re late for work. 

Vacations are nothing more than a dreamland. Above are the 5 best countries for you to head to, this Christmas. A trip to Malaysia can also be quite refreshing In case you don't have any other plans.

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