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5 Unknown Facts About Coimbatore That Makes You Astonish

by Venkatesh Lakshminarayan - 08 Jun 2022, Wednesday 239 Views Like (0)
5 Unknown Facts About Coimbatore That Makes You Astonish

Coimbatore is known as Manchester of South India. It’s a dream for many foreigners to visit this city and spend a jubilant time here. The city fills a lot of memories in every visitor’s scrapbook. Right from breath-holding nature scenery, amusing tourist sites, Breezy nature, or be it the generosity of the people Coimbatore tops all over.

I can’t hang with a time machine and research out the reason for the popularity of this city. But I can interpret historical data, and evidence to let you know some astonishing unknown facts about the city of Coimbatore.


One of the substantial features of Coimbatore city is its water. Coimbatore holds the SIRUVANI dam which is marked as one of the tastier water in the world. The dam ensures that the city remains free from water scarcity. Falls are situated approximately 48 km from the center of the city. You can just take your kids or travel with family and friends this falls. Reasonably it will be a perfect gateway to tick checkboxes for tourism bookmarking a week off or vacation. A blissful ambiance and uncrowded roadways ensure that you will relish your ride through this route. Get packed up to taste the world’s second tastiest water from Coimbatore city.

Educational institutes:

Coimbatore city acts as Hub for comprising various educational institutions. These education institutes proffer quality education for the students. They develop excellent academic students who do well in their careers respectively.The uncompromised standardized education and upholding of a dignified culture attractadjacent state students to accommodate and upgrade their skills in India’s Manchester city.If you are planning for upgrading your educational skills and referring to higher studies, the city of Coimbatore compiles enormous education institutes which can be well suited for the purpose.

Palate meals at Kovai:

Well, I can bet all my cash on this aspect, especially while you tend to draw comparisons with other cities. The city of Coimbatore holds some of the most indigenous dishes to make your taste bud drizzle with flavors and tang. While Kerala is an adjacent relation to this city, you can make your taste buds dance with relish. Various varieties of appetite foods are enabled with a combination of urban and rural with mallu vibe filled to ensure the former. If you are interested to enjoy a dreamful deal of food you can plan a road trip to Kerala which is very adjacent to this Coimbatore city. You can also enjoy roadside tasty foods from small vendors while trekking through tourist destinations within the city of Coimbatore.

Breath-taking tourist spots at Coimbatore:

Coimbatore is a city that tends to remain most of the summer as little warm but it acts exactly the opposite during other months. Well, what if I intimate you that you can explore a paradise? Well, I am not kidding, and surely I am just being real to spell the fact that the city of Coimbatore is worded as a paradise for tourists.

Places like ISHA foundation, VOC Park, theme parks, top slip, Botanical gardens, lots of waterfalls like siruvani, monkey falls, etc.

The city of Pollachi which is placed under the Coimbatore district offers visitors an Enormous Trekking destination and lots of dense reserve forests.

OOTY which is adjacent toNilgiri has a freezing climatic condition. You can expend a honeymoon trip at this junction and this place serves as a paradise for couples especially. Summer will be a perfect season to stroll in this city of OOTY.

I had just played out a glimpse of tourist spots surrounding Coimbatore city. You can check a lot more during a real visit to this city.

Coimbatore –AN IT hub:

Well, do you scan for establishing a standard carrier in the IT sector? Coimbatore is the mother of all start-ups in IT. The Trend is swinging as various Information technology firms are quaking Coimbatore for their business growth. Because qualified High tier education institutes breed, well knowledgeable intellectuals, who can be very profitable assets to IT Firms. That sets as the reason for IT firms to fasten towards the city. Well the city guarantees, you to build maximum carrier experience from lots of start-ups revolving around the city.