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6 Best Places to Visit in Charleston

by Dorothy Gracious - 30 May 2022, Monday 246 Views Like (0)
6 Best Places to Visit in Charleston

You have likely heard that there is nothing that beats southern friendliness and Charleston, South Carolina. It is a good example of where that idea comes from. The manners, food, and people will surprise you when you visit the City Market, Dock Street Theater, or Rainbow Row.

While on your excursion, make sure to take in some history. Bring the kids to the South Carolina Aquarium for a day of learning and unforgettable experiences after allegiant Booking. You should book your Allegiant Airlines tickets because Charleston is full of surprises, whether you're looking for nature or city lights.


Downtown Charleston

This historic market complex is situated in downtown Charleston, exactly where it belongs. You'll discover some of the best shopping in the entire region. It is located within the 200-year-old brick market structures. Local items and historical crafts are available in a wide range of styles. If you work up an appetite, there are many places to choose from. This is also an excellent site and reason to book allegiant airline tickets to start your City Walk Sightseeing tour.

Charleston Harbor

The first bullets that sparked the Civil War were fired in Charleston Harbor. It is standing where the Battle of Fort Sumter took place that gives you that goosebumps-inducing sensation that only heritage monuments of this magnitude can provide. These are both parts of the Fort Sumter National Monument. Once you reach here after Allegiant airlines Booking you should also go to the Fort Sumter Visitor Education Center and Fort Moultrie on Sulivan's Island.

Waterfront Park

If you want one of your vacation days to be filled with beach, ocean breeze, and gulls, here is the place. It doesn't get much better than the route that leads to James Island. It's one of the most densely populated marine beaches in South Carolina. It is only a short distance from the city. If you're going to Fort Sumter, this is an excellent site to stay at because it's on an island right off the eastern seaboard of James Island.

Magnolia Cemetery

Magnolia Cemetery is historically significant for a myriad of purposes. This cemetery is a memorial of many legends. It's on the National Monument as well. Politicians, authors, South Carolina lawmakers, and Confederate generals have been laid to rest here. The Vander horst Mausoleum is another popular tourist attraction.

Rainbow Row

It is a beautiful row of rainbow-colored buildings. Parts of Rainbow Row may have already been viewed. It is a major tourist attraction and one of Charleston's most well-known areas. There are thirteen historic, colorful buildings in a row here, all sharing party walls.

Dock Street Theater

This is an excellent pick, not simply because of the location. It's also because of its prime spot in the city's historic French Quarter district. It is in the heart of Charleston's downtown district. It began as a hotel in 1809 and was later transformed into a theatre. It was the first theatre constructed and erected in the Thirteen Colonies. Fly with allegiant airlines Flight to Charleston and watch a show at this historic theatre.