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6 Important Gears You Need Before Planning Your Next Outdoor Adventure

by Emma Willson - 29 Jul 2022, Friday 196 Views Like (0)
6 Important Gears You Need Before Planning Your Next Outdoor Adventure

According to one literature review, nature exposure improves multiple body processes, including cognitive function, blood pressure, and sleep. Consequently, more Americans are demonstrating a growing interest in outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and backpacking. 

One report on outdoor participation trends shows that 2020 had the highest outdoor participation rate. 53% of US citizens aged at least six years participated in at least one outdoor activity during the year. 

However, outdoor excursions have inherent risks, and having the appropriate gear for outdoor adventure minimizes risk. Fortunately, this post has you covered, highlighting essential gear for a safe yet relaxing outdoor experience. 

  1. BattlBox Subscription Boxes 

BattlBox is an outdoor company delivering adventure and survival-themed subscription boxes to outdoor enthusiasts in the US. It is arguably top among the best monthly outdoor subscription boxes in 2022. The company’s slogan is “adventure delivered,” and it fulfills it by delivering curated adventure subscription boxes to subscribed consumers.  

From as low as $34 USD, you can receive a subscription box featuring everyday carry (EDC) items, tactical gear, outdoor gear, adventure manuals, and survival kits. The company uses a four-tier system to customize outdoor gear for beginners and advanced outdoor enthusiasts. Therefore, you can subscribe to the basic, advanced, pro, and pro-plus tier to receive items that suit your preferred outdoor excursion. 

Battlbox subscription boxes feature emergency supplies, camping equipment, hiking equipment, sleeping bags, outdoor backpacks, and tents. The brand sources high-value items from household names in the adventure and tactical industries.  

Moreover, Battlbox has community platforms where subscribers can interact and share outdoor living tips and experiences. Therefore, having a Battlbox subscription box takes the guesswork out of identifying essential gear and going online to identify trustworthy brands.  

  1. Crate Club Subscription Boxes 

Crate Club is also a top-ranking outdoor subscription box platform delivering high-value items via their subscription boxes. The brand features EDC items, tactical gear, self-defence tools (e.g., self-defence flashlights), outdoor essentials, and medical kits. Moreover, Crate Club exclusively delivers field-tested gear tested by professionals to ensure top-grade quality for their consumers. 

The brand features three subscription tiers. First, the Lieutenant tier features basic tactical and adventure gear, the Captain tier for professional-level outdoor enthusiasts, and the General tier for hardened survivalists. Moreover, the brand offers exclusive membership where club members or subscribers can access exclusive giveaways, premium product launches and engage with a community of outdoor adventurers. 

Growing your Crate Club stockpile makes it easy to retrieve multiple outdoor essentials like first aid kits, knives, multi-tools, fire starters, and outdoor safety manuals when necessary. Moreover, the brand offers fantastic discounts on annual subscriptions, making premium outdoor gear incredibly affordable. 

  1. A First Aid Kit 

As earlier stated, outdoor adventure has inherent risks, ranging from scrapes and grazes to life-threatening injuries like fractured bones and poisoning. Most outdoor activity sites are in remote locations, meaning it will take first responders a while to get to your location if you are lucky enough to have cell reception. 

However, a first aid kit is vital in such situations, helping to stabilize the casualty while waiting for emergency services to arrive at the incident site. A typical first aid kit features bandages, band-aids, painkillers, gauzes, latex gloves, sterilizer sprays, EpiPens, personal medications, scissors, inhalers, and bandage clips. However, you can vary item quantities to customize your first aid kid according to your planned outdoor adventure. 

  1. Appropriate And Ample Clothing 

Appropriate outdoor clothing protects you from weather elements like extreme cold and rain. Direct exposure to such harsh weather elements increases the chances of developing health complications, from colds to hypothermia. 

Therefore, consider laying up so you can enjoy sunny weather but have ample protection when cold weather strikes. Second, consider packing waterproof jackets, raincoats, and waterproof shoes to keep you warm and dry. Third, carry at least one change of cloth, especially for multi-day trips, for hygiene purposes. 

  1. Food And Water 

Proper nutrition is vital in maintaining energy levels, especially during energy-intensive outdoor activities like hiking. Therefore, consider packing ample foodstuff for sustenance during your trip.  

Ideal foodstuff for outdoor activities includes protein bars, granola bars, fruits, nuts, and easy-cook meals like canned food. Moreover, consider packing your foodstuff in reusable containers where practical to reduce waste. 

Also, remember that water is a nutrient, and hydration is vital in keeping you rejuvenated and maintaining electrolyte balance for proper muscle function. Therefore, carry a hydration pack, especially if you are visiting low altitude-high temperature regions. You can also take a portable water purification system in case there is a water source along your itinerary. 

  1. Sun Protection 

Being outdoors means continuous exposure to UV rays, which increase your risk of sunburns and health conditions like skin cancer. Therefore, sun protection like sunscreen creams is vital in lowering health risks. 

Also, while UV rays primarily affect the skin, they can negatively impact your eye health. Therefore, consider packing a pair of sunglasses for eye protection. 


Your outdoor adventure quality goes hand-in-hand with the gear you pack for safety, preparedness, and comfort. Although essentials may vary according to your outdoor excursion itinerary, the above items are a must-have for each solo or outdoor group activity.