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8 Helpful Tips for First Time Campers

by Tracie Johnson - 01 Aug 2022, Monday 327 Views Like (0)
8 Helpful Tips for First Time Campers

As a first-time camper, you might feel nervous about all the unknowns. You may be wondering whether you will get bitten by a snake, get dysentery, get lost in the woods, or more. Camping is not as scary as it may seem; it is a great way to make new friends and build memories that last a lifetime. No matter what your first-time experience is like, here are some helpful tips to keep you safe and comfortable in the outdoors.

1. Checkout Campground Rules and Regulations

Camping rules and regulations are seemingly endless, but most of them are common sense and shouldn't pose a problem. Make sure you know where the fire pit is, where to collect your water, where to dispose of your trash, etc. In addition to campground rules, check out the weather forecast for the area you're visiting. Weather can change without notice, so be prepared for rain or chilly temperatures. You'll also want to check out whether certain activities are allowed, like fireworks or riding ATVs.

When you arrive at the campsite, don't just jump into your tent. Take the time to explore around, take in the sights and sounds, and learn a little about the area. Be sure to ask your fellow campers about any local wildlife or other guidelines.

2. Carry Your Camping Tarp and Generator

You don't want to be caught with no shelter on your first day in the outdoors. Planning is essential to keeping your tent dry, warm, and bug-free. You should also be prepared for changing weather conditions. Whether it's windy or raining, make sure you have a tarp or a rain fly that can protect you. If you do not have one, look for tarps for sale online.

3. Try Out Your Gear

Make sure you use your gear at home before you leave for the campsite. This includes everything from your sleeping bag to your tent to the lanterns, etc. If you've never used a particular item before, try it out at home to be safe.

4. Plan an Easy Hike

There is nothing worse than being exhausted from hiking when you get to camp and still have to unpack, set up camp, and cook dinner. Find a hike that is around 15 minutes or less to your campsite. Mark the trail with something you can see, like Frisbees or colored cloth. Keep in mind that you will have to hike back and forth to get things like water and wood. Plan your route ahead of time and make sure you have a map of the campground with you just in case.

5. Stay Warm

As a first-time camper, it can be hard to anticipate what the weather is going to be like. Carrying extra layers of clothing is essential for staying warm in any climate. You could also invest in a good sleeping bag. There are a ton of cheap options online that can last you years without breaking down too much.

6. Plan Every Meal Ahead of Time

You have to eat, so make sure you have your meals planned out. Find recipes that don't take much time and still taste delicious. Try camping recipes that are easy to transport and cook over a fire, like s'mores or hot dogs on sticks. If you aren't an experienced camper, it's best not to try anything too complicated the first few times out there.

7. Bring Bug Spray and Flashlight

You can't bring your house with you, so be prepared for the bugs. Be sure to bring a quality bug spray that won't cause any rashes on your skin or keep you up all night itching. A flashlight is essential for navigating around camp at night and setting up your tent in the dark. You should also have a headlamp that you can wear at night when doing things like getting water or going to the bathroom.

8. Don't Be Afraid to Explore But Consider Safety

Exploring the wilderness is a lot of fun, but you have to be safe. Before leaving camp, tell someone where you are going and what time you will be back. Always bring a map of the area, so you can always find your way back if necessary. If you don't have a map with you, make sure to keep your eye out for landmarks like trees or rocks that are along your route.


The first time you go camping is always nerve-wracking, but there is no reason to worry too much. Everyone's first time in the outdoors is different, and you will find your comfort level after a while. Remember that this is supposed to be fun. There are a lot of good first-time camping tips on the internet and in books that can help make your first camping trip a success, including those stated above.