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Best Time to Visit Bali

by Mark Bingham - 17 Jun 2022, Friday 301 Views Like (0)
Best Time to Visit Bali

Summer or wintertime, this mesmerizing Indonesian gem will welcome any visitor with their arms wide open any time of the year. This dazzling island is set in the heart of Indonesia and it's a perfect holiday escape at any time or month of the year. However, the climate, weather, and seasonal happenings can differ from month to month, so if you are planning a visit to Bali you should get acquainted with when is the best time to visit. For those who are looking for the best time to visit this dazzling island, here is a detailed guide about when is the best time to go.

  1. Explore all the wonders January through March

Many people fail to reckon that Bali is definitely worth the visit even when its not the peak of the season. The best thing to note is that the temperatures on the island are fairly consistent throughout the whole year, so you wont have to worry about that. The only problem is that January is a rather rainy month, plus the monsoon season starts at the end of October and lasts until April, but the weather can be changeable and most people love the fact of enjoying this island during this flabbergasting weather. In this period, embrace the amazing opportunity to see Tanah Lot, a unique temple located northwest of Kuta. This magnificent sanctuary is situated on an enormous jagged rock that rises out of the ocean. And the tide is low during these months, so you would be able to reach and marvel at it with ease.

  1. Bust the moves from April to June

Seize the day, a month (or three), and make the most out of your Bali visit. The peak season tends to start at the end of April as most people love the dry air and endless walks on the beach. This is the time of the year for couples to spruce up their romance, swim in glorious turquoise waters, and simply unwind under the sun. You would have a great balance of sunshine and wind, hence this is the ideal time to visit the island if you want to relax. Those who want to make the most out of their visit to this gorgeous island should find quality accommodation and check in to a luxurious villa. Bali has numerous such places but none of them is as perfect as Bali Villa Escapes, so check it out.

  1. Embrace the wonders of the island in July and August

During June and July, there isn't a single drop of rain. What's more, these are the months you can really expect the full-frontal summer weather and embrace the scorching 31 degrees. Be prepared to enjoy lush nature, warm Indian ocean, sunny skies, and ideal summer temperatures. If you were to visit Bali during this time, expect mostly sunny days, so take the chance to learn how windsurfing, snorkelling, or diving. August tends to be hotter than in previous months, and if you don't prefer lying on the beach all day, you could visit the Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal. It's surrounded by luscious trees and planters giving you plenty of shade, plus you would be able to see these playful grey long-tailed macaques in their natural habitat.

  1. Dig into all the marvels during the busiest month August

If you happen to buy a plane ticket to Bali in August, you will see thousands of other visitors also coming to this splendid island. The weather in August is absolutely wonderful. The beaches are white and clear, the sun remains high and the humidity is at its minimum levels, perfect for a plethora of activities. During the day you can soak up the sun, and in the afternoon, you can dwell on some exciting adventure like going on some fun excursion. For instance, you can hike up to some of the ten Gunung Kawi shrines. Located in Bali's blasting Tampaksiring region, you will have a tremendously fun opportunity to climb these shrines which are said to be memorials of the Bali's 11th-century royals. Only make sure you bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

Regardless of whether you wish to visit Bali in May, July, or September, this island will come up to all your expectations, and much more. Do thorough research on the things you wish to see and do before you board the plane.