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Skills for Wilderness Survival May Save Your Life

by Hike Vancouver Island - 12 Sep 2022, Monday 66 Views Like (0)
Skills for Wilderness Survival May Save Your Life

You don't have to be a participant on the television show "Survivor" to learn how to survive in the wilderness. Our forefathers knew this information instinctively many generations ago, but in today's high-tech society; we have lost connection with nature and forgotten how to meet such fundamental necessities as food, water, and shelter.

But why should we learn how to make a fire without matches or how to find clean water to drink when we have modern conveniences at our disposal? There is an easy solution. Hurricane Katrina serves as a reminder of how rapidly natural disasters can occur and deprive people of the electricity they need to get by through each day. Other natural disasters, such as earthquakes that happen suddenly and tornadoes that can form in a matter of minutes, are even less predictable than hurricanes.

Many specialists think that we are gravely at risk for a worldwide disease pandemic, like the Spanish flu that ravaged populations throughout the globe in the first quarter of the 20th century. It is very likely that an outbreak of the bird flu may put such a strain on local infrastructures as to make it impossible for inhabitants to rely on services like ambulances, hospitals, police, or fire departments, leaving them on their own. Additionally, it is not out of the question that a terrorist assault could result in the destruction of power plants, water reservoirs, or other public infrastructure in today's world of growing unpredictability.

As a result, the prudent person will invest some time in learning how to create a fire, obtain water, construct a shelter, collect food, and prepare meal using only basic tools. Learning this information should be viewed as an exciting opportunity to increase one's independence rather than a monotonous task. These skills may also prove to be more beneficial than insurance in the event of a catastrophe.

Some of the best sources for acquiring outdoor survival skills are the books by Tom Brown Jr. Mr. Brown was taught tracking and hunting by an Apache elder when he was a young boy. He later founded a survival school and wrote classic works like "Tom Brown's Field Guide to Wilderness Survival," which amply demonstrates numerous ways to start a fire without matches, build wilderness shelters out of only natural materials, identify edible plants, and hunt wild animals for food.

For a little investment, it is possible to quickly assemble a pocket-sized wilderness survival kit that contains a small knife, compass, matches, fishing hooks and line, and possibly a thin, metallic "space blanket." A visit to practically any sporting goods or camping supply store will be time well spent if you should unintentionally find yourself in a survival situation. But knowing how to survive in the outdoors is more important than possessing the correct tools. This is because your mental attitude—rather than your technology—is your largest edge in a crisis. Someone with the necessary skills and knowledge may live far more comfortably without a lot of survival gear, as opposed to having a lot of equipment but not knowing how to use it.

If you are chosen to compete on the reality TV series "Survivor," you might use your wilderness survival abilities to win a million dollars even if you never find yourself in a situation where they are required.

You can build the confidence to manage the majority of wilderness survival situations by hiking Vancouver Island. Learn a variety of basic outdoor skills over the course of two days, including how to construct (and spend the night in) a shelter with only the bare necessities.

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