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Top 5 Places to Visit in South GOA

by Vikas Shukla - 24 Aug 2022, Wednesday 77 Views Like (0)
Top 5 Places to Visit in South GOA

The enchanting night-life, the pristine beaches, and a tranquil living environment with many exciting places to see in south goa tour is what will make Goa, excellence visiting.

Whether its any youngster from Mumbai or from any other states in the world, Goa has always been one of the top places to visit on the list of every trekker's to who looking excitement, adventure, beaches and nightlife. Thus, attracting tourists from across the world, is well connected with all  major cities in India and the world.

Palolem Beach

This beach is one of the most exciting tourist place of South Goa and a huge attraction for foreigner as well as Indian, for its tranquil surroundings and international cuisine making it one of the best attractive places to visit in South Goa. This again is a very beautiful beach with the presence of pond lilies, coconut trees, and the bustling parties that act as like a magnet in making it one of the Best places to visit South Goa. 

Scuba Diving

Diving at Malvan Tarkarli  is the beauty of the reef and the marine life that inhabits it. For others it's the thrill of discovery deep inside a shipwrecks or caves. Everyone has a different reason for scuba dive goa at Malvan Tarkarli. 
But most would agree that Scuba diving in Malvan Tarkarli for the cheers enjoyment of experiencing an underwater world, a world so far removed from ours that it will pure pleasure you. Whether you want to relax while photographing brightly colorful tropical fish, be thrilled by the power and grace of a school of sharks, or make a living working in the water, diving at Malvan tarkarli has it all.


Flying high is everyone's dream and being able to fly over the ocean waves is amazing. All exciting  trips in Goa are here flyboarding in  south goa. The flyboarding India is first of its kind will now operating out of beautiful Chopdem pier in Chapora. This trip is newest and most anticipated watersports for adventure enthusiasts visiting Goa.  Flyboarding price in Goa is unbelievably low as we are tied up with India only flyboarding provider Flyboard Nation, so our prices are unbelievably low. Flyboarding Goa prices are unbeatable when you book your trip with us.


Goa is blessed with a long coastline and provides plenty of opportunities for enjoying various kinds of water sports. Parasailing is one of the best water sports. It offers the correct mix way of adventure and entertainment. Parasailing is a sport where the paraglider flies up in the sky with a parachute but the controls are remains in the hands of the boat below. As the boat catches up speed, the para sailor is lifted up into the air. The view from the top is extremely amazing.

Paragliding in goa beach is one of the most popular and demanding sport in Goa. But those who are not comfortable or fear with heights should not try their hands in it. Nearby all top leading hotels and local agencies arrange the activity of parasailing for tourists. The session begins with basic learning and precaution measures. Learners will get the opportunity to improve their skills with the help of experienced trainers.

Malvan Marine Sanctuary 

Malvan Marine Sanctuary is well known for its exotic corals and wildlife, sparkling sands, and lush plantations that surround it. With fauna like black-headed gulls, terns, plovers, waterfowl, and ducks, this aquatic biodiversity is one of the most tourist attraction spots in Malvan. If you are plan for goa, join us by taking goa tour packages. If anyone wants to stay close to Malvan Marine Sanctuary and spot amazing corals and marine  life animals, book Akari Rest House of Forest Department and enjoy the best of ocean views.