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Top Attractions in Ksa for a Solo Traveller

by Muminah Tannous - 14 Jun 2022, Tuesday 330 Views Like (0)
Top Attractions in Ksa for a Solo Traveller

Would you like to add a new solo or single destination to your list of places to visit in this world? You can consider the Middle East for new places to add to this list. Thousands of people plan vacations in Europe or North America at different times of the year but maybe you have another unique way to spend your vacation here. 

Spend your vacation in a part

of the world where travel has been minimal. This piece of land is one of the oldest and most charming regions of the Middle East. A trip here will give your mind and heart a chance to see ancient history, and magnificent architecture up close. Saudi Arabia is undoubtedly prominent in the Arab region for its unparalleled natural resources. There is a lot for tourists to see in the magnificent ancient times.

Now the Saudi government has allowed a Muslim woman to perform Umrah as a solo traveller. But this freedom is only for those women who get a visit visa as compared to an Umrah visa while booking Umrah packages.

 These are the attractions in Saudi Arabia.

Tower-tall mounds or light blue water are some of the natural wonders that await. If you have interested in learning more about enjoying the beautiful things then you are on the right page.

Let's move on!

Whether travelling alone or together, Saudi Arabia is a great place to make travel memories. Despite many false rumours, travelling alone in Saudi Arabia is considered by many to be safer than most Eastern countries.

First mental confusion, where does a Solo traveller start? Because Saudi Arabia is rich in local traditions and culture. Each city has its festivals and annual events. The Janadriya National Festival is worth mentioning. The two-week festival showcases Saudi Arabia's local culture and heritage. The festival consists of many activities, including dances, shows, camel races, and more. Included. The Janadariya festival is celebrated with the same fervour as other popular festivals around the world. In terms of comparisons, the Carnival de San Miguel in El Salvador or the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is appropriate.

The Riyadh Spring Festival is a three-month celebration of local spring traditions. Riyadh hosts several events for the Spring Festival, which runs from October 15 to December 15. More than 100 entertainment programs are celebrated in 12 areas of the city. Due to the long period of 3 months, this is a great opportunity for foreigners to see the wonderful culture of Riyadh.

Sports and Racing In Saudi Arabia

According to many, Saudi Arabia is an incredible place for sports. Horse and camel racing is the most popular sport here because horse and camel breeding is part of the Arab nature but it is not all. Saudi Arabia is now home to various global motorsports competitions.

The annual Car Rally is organized by the Dakar Amori Sport Organization. The rally is usually held in Saudi Arabia from January 2 to January 14. Saudi Arabia also has the distinction of being the first country in the Middle East to host an F1 event. This F1 track is considered to be one of the fastest tracks in the world. This year or next, you can add Saudi Arabia to your wish list to enjoy this unique car racing event.

Football is also the best sport for the natives of Saudi Arabia.

Being a Muslim Traveller:

Mecca and Medina are two holy cities for Muslims where millions of Muslims from all over the world come throughout the year. Hajj and Umrah are two events in which Hajj is an annual event and Umrah is a daily event. Today, many Muslims have changed their travel plans due to epidemic restrictions, but hopefully, all epidemic restrictions will be lifted next year.


Always make a plan to do the best in the future, as a Muslim never miss the opportunity to book an
Umrah package in advance. Because it can reduce the risk of overpaying for your Umrah expenses.

Down-Time In Saudi Arabia

When planning a vacation, you should include some short-term activities. Excursions to landmarks, historic sites, or snorkelling in the Red Sea can add to the hustle and bustle of your day. But try travelling to the locals or try shopping in the evenings. Choose a local market, not a shopping mall. Old markets are the best places to find souvenirs. 

If you go to Riyadh, you must visit its market Dera Souq. After this tour, you can reach the world-famous shore (Jebel Fehrein in Arabic) just 90 minutes away from Riyadh. This 600 km long line of rocks in central Saudi Arabia will surely amaze you.

If you've always been curious about where the best Arabic perfumes come from, a visit to the old city of Taif will quench your curiosity. The rose water and rose oil of Taif is exported all over the world.
As a solo traveller, you can add more places to see in Saudi Arabia; so what are you still waiting for?