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United Airlines Pet Policy - Donít Leave Fido Home Alone

by Miranda Louis - 21 May 2022, Saturday 139 Views Like (0)
United Airlines Pet Policy - Donít Leave Fido Home Alone

If you're planning to fly United air with your pet. it's important to know the carrier's pet policy, which can seem complicated at first glance. This guide will help you find out everything you need to know about traveling with your dog or cat on United Airlines! When in doubt, Call united airlines phone number +1-888-720-1433 directly so you can get the most up-to-date information on their pet policy and make sure you are ready to fly with your pooch!

Pet Policy for Domestic Flights - United Airlines

United flights booking allows pets onboard as long as they fit into a pet carrier, are potty trained and remain in their kennel throughout. Just make sure you get to your gate early and let them know you'll be traveling with a pet so they can find a place for your carrier under or near your seat before take-off. Note: if youíre looking to travel with an emotional support animal, there are certain limitations for both domestic and international travel. Check United website for more information.

Unfortunately, cats, dogs and other four-legged friends arenít allowed on board select planes operated by regional partners of United Air. Many regional partner airlines have breed restrictions that apply even to small animals like hamsters, rabbits and ferrets (but do note that birds, gerbils and fish arenít permitted at all). If you plan on booking United tickets on one of these flights check each airline's policy regarding pets beforehandóbetter safe than sorry!

United Airlines International Flights

Check out the united airlines pet policy for any flight departing from or landing in a country other than that of your origin or destination, you may bring an animal (dog, cat or household pet), providing it meets certain requirements. There is no limit to the number of pets per flight, as long as they all fit on board and there is room in cargo. You should check in at least 90 minutes before departure; animals are usually not accepted after United check in closes. Pets that have traveled internationally previously may need less time and paperwork to be accepted by United Airlines.

Pets As Carry-On

Generally, pets cannot travel in-cabin unless they are small enough to fit comfortably in a carrier that can be stowed under a seat or at your feet. Some United cheap flights allow larger pets in-cabin when an airline representative meets you at your departure gate and asks for volunteer participants. That person will collect your petís kennel and supplies, which he or she will check for safe transport. The only other way to bring a pet onto a plane is to have it shipped as cargo; however, you must book United flight through United Cargo and pay a separate fee.

Assistance Dogs

Only a small portion of United Air flightsí total number of passengers have service or support animals. Service animals are dogs that perform specific tasks for people with disabilities. Each passenger who boards with a service animal is required to provide proof of their need for such an animal. For example, documentation from a physician or mental health professional can be accepted by United as proof and allow the passenger - united airlines flying together 

Preparing for the Flight with Pets

Traveling with pets can be a lot of fun, but there are certain steps you should take before your trip. Dogs and cats require safety documentation to fly on United Airlines, and they need to be kept in carriers or crates during takeoff and landing. Furthermore, itís important to arrive at least 90 minutes before your flight is scheduled to depart so that you have plenty of time to check in United Airline, take care of business in an airport pet relief area and present your animal for boarding. Have a great trip!