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Visit Places in Kolkata for Couples, Youngsters

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Visit Places in Kolkata for Couples, Youngsters

Kolkata, the City of Joy, is a persistent festival of life, writing, culture, and history. A 350-year-old city, it relaxes in the moniker of India’s social and scholarly capital and as it should be. As the past capital of British India, Kolkata paints a great adventure of old-world glory. Its verifiable landmarks, celebrated clubs, old business sectors, grand sanctuaries, rambling nurseries, all are tributes to a magnificent past. Simultaneously, it depicts an image of differentiation – a city where throbbing clubs, fancy shopping centers, popular restaurants, trendy structural brilliant qualities, and a cosmopolitan culture meet up to make an energetic vibe.

Basically, there is such a great amount to see, investigate, find, and relish around here! To take care of you, we have assembled a definitive rundown of the top traveler spots to visit in Kolkata. Here you go!
It’s almost difficult to miss the overpowering old-world appeal of Kolkata, however its young energy is similarly discernible. This interesting city of craftsmanship and culture has various spots where the youthful detachment can go out to and partake in a great time. Look at a portion of the most loved home base zones for youths in Kolkata.

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Eco Park

First and foremost, it is the biggest park in India and gloats of a perfectly finished area of 480 sections of land. Improving the magnificence of the recreation area is a gigantic waterbody that has an island in the center. This metropolitan park is a loosening up place, an excursion spot, and an experience community, all moved into one. Investing energy here is truly fun as it offers a considerable rundown of attractions, similar to the imitations of the Seven Wonders of the World, Urban Museum, Artists Cottage, Adda Zone, Butterfly Garden, Mask Garden, Sculpture Garden, and Food Court, to give some examples. You can likewise enjoy kayaking, zorbing, ice skating, rifle firing, bows and arrows, trampoline, water cycling, sailing, and a few different exercises while at the recreation area.

Nicco Park

Frequently alluded to as the Disneyland of West Bengal, Nicco Park invests heavily in being the primary event congregation in the state. It is one of the most famous experience objections as well as water parks in Kolkata, because of its exhilarating rides, slides, and different attractions, for example, the Toy Train, Cyclone, Flying Saucer, Twist and Turn, Water Coaster, Paddle Boat, River Cave, Haunted House, Wave Pool, Body Slide, and Pirate Ship.

There are all the more such spots where you can have a great time with your companions. Look at our blog on the top waterparks in Kolkata for additional subtleties.


Rambling lavish green parkland in the core of the city, Maidan is to Kolkata what Central Park is to New York. Whether you are in the temperament to partake in a comfortable stroll with your companions, up for a vivacious outside game or normal sitting, this open field is the spot to partake in every one of these and that’s just the beginning. When a procession ground for the British armed force, Maidan is where you can joyfully enjoy a round of football or cricket. The cable car line going through the field gives a brilliant chance to bounce into one of the sluggish carriages and partake in a ride through this green-lung of the city and its encompassing regions.

School Street

Extravagant accomplishing something special? Make a beeline for College Street, particularly on the off chance that you and your buddies feel weak at the knees over books! A spot visited by Kolkata’s scholarly group, this 1.5 km long road houses the world’s biggest used book market, where you can purchase intriguing, first release, and well known books at expendable costs. Investing energy at the notable Indian Coffee House is one more motivation to visit College Street with your companions.

Eden Gardens

Laid out in 1864, Eden Gardens is the biggest cricket arena in the country by dint of limit. The popular ground has played host to some high-profile cricket matches. It is known for its enormous and excited swarm. What can be a superior method for going through a day with your companions than watching a live round of cricket at this famous arena?

South City Mall

One of the swankiest shopping centers of Kolkata, the South City Mall is a cool spot to spend time with your shopaholic companions. Aside from lodging more than 130 stores, the shopping center likewise gloats of an open food court and an INOX multiplex. Whether you need to shop, eat, make up for lost time with the most recent deliveries or essentially relax, South City is the ideal pick.
Love tracks down its own specific manners to thrive and spread its wings, yet it certainly helps assuming there are spots where you can go through a few heartfelt minutes with your life partner. At the point when you are in Kolkata, you can investigate various objections where your romantic tale can arrive at new levels.

Prinsep Ghat

Viewed as quite possibly of the most heartfelt spot in Kolkata, Prinsep Ghat includes a marvelous design with rich Gothic and Greek decorates. Remaining on the banks of the River Hooghly, the landmark fills in as the ideal dating spot. During the night, the entire landmark illuminates to make a marvelous emanation. Go for a stroll along the waterway bank, inseparably, or partake in a peaceful boat ride with your accomplice. Anything you do, you make certain to make enduring recollections of the minutes spent at this wonderful area.

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Thousand years Park

A wonderful park remaining on the eastern shore of the River Hooghly, Millennium Park is an extraordinary spot to invest energy with your dearest. Away from the clamoring hordes of the city, the calm air of the recreation area is perfect to enjoy a genuine talk. On the off chance that you can figure out how to switch your eyes off your accomplice, you will actually want to see the whole Howrah Bridge from the recreation area. As the sunset says goodbye to the day, the night lights add an otherworldly touch to the recreation area and make it even more heartfelt.


Do you and your accomplice like watching exemplary films? You can enjoy a few astonishing true to life encounters at Nandan, an eminent film and social focus in Kolkata where you can make up for lost time with the best of Indian and worldwide works of art at ostensible confirmation rates.

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Nalban Boating Complex

Encircled by lavish vegetation, Nalban Boating Complex presents an entrancing image of regular excellence. The beautiful environmental factors likewise structure the ideal setting for some astonishing photographs with your darling. Presently, what more do you need in a dating spot?

Rabindra Sarobar

The spot overflows with vivid blossoms that speck the overwhelming green area of the lake. In the event that your concept of the ideal date includes a peaceful stroll by a lakeside while the sunset paints the sky in bunch shades, this is where you ought to be!


Charming your darling over supper is a thought that won’t ever fizzle.  Ozora ushers you into such a feeling of sentiment and comfort!
As the day clears a path for the evening, Kolkata appears to put on an ensemble of stun and sparkle. Investigating the city continuously is an involvement with itself. Look at a portion of the well known dusk spots to investigate in Kolkata.

Somewhere Else

Might it be said that you are in the mind-set for a tasteful night out in the City of Joy? Somewhere Else possesses all the necessary qualities impeccably! UG Reincarnated

The throbbing vibe inside the parlor is elevated because of the presence of the dance floor. It is perhaps of the coolest spot in the city where you can relax and show a few astounding maneuvers. On the off chance that celebrating is at the forefront of your thoughts, presently you know where to go!

The Bridge-Floatel

Ever imagined about going through a night under the star-filled sky with the River Ganga gathering together the entire scene? Floatel Hotel is where such dreams work out. Arranged in Howrah breakwater, the spot gives an entrancing evening time perspective on the city.

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Park Street

The splendidly lit road is the location of numerous famous eating joints and cafés in Kolkata. There is no deficiency of bars and clubs either, in and around the area. No big surprise, the party scene is most articulated in this area of the city.

Vidyasagar Setu

Finding Vidyasagar Setu under the brilliant sky has its own appeal.

Howrah Bridge

It’s difficult to imagine Kolkata without the Howrah Bridge! The huge steel structure stays suspended over the Hooghly River and fills in as the doorway to the city. Working beginning around 1943, the scaffold is a designing wonder and the 6th longest cantilever span on the planet as of now. It is likewise among the most active scaffolds on the planet. The most effective way to observe the excellence and greatness of this social symbol of Kolkata is through a ride on a ship.