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How Efficient Workplace Safety Videos Be Advantageous?

by oliva wilson - 31 May 2021, Monday 421 Views Like (0)
How Efficient Workplace Safety Videos Be Advantageous?

At one time, job safety training for companies meant assembling all the grumbling and reluctant employees into a room and teaching them about the safety do’s and don’ts in the workplace. The process involved handouts being passed on, a few bullet points were read by a manager from a PowerPoint presentation in a boring and mechanical way and after 1 – 2 excruciatingly long hours, the session came to an end with few employees remembering the things being taught to them. Using efficient workplace safety videos can have a plethora of benefits for safety training over this ineffective and outdated approach. Find out about some of the multiple advantages of the same.

Effective Delivery of Message:

A picture conveys a thousand words. Efficient workplace safety videos, in most cases, can deliver messages more effectively and efficiently as compared to spoken words. This is especially the case when you try to describe a specific technique or action. There can be a positive impact on the workplace when a message is communicated much more efficiently, which is why the role of workplace safety videos has become important.

Continuity of Message:

Whether it comes to inducting new staffs or imparting refresher training for employees who are present already, the use of efficient workplace safety videos for the delivery of messages can ensure that each trainee is able to get the same message exactly, and in the same manner. This ensures that all workers are on the same page, which is essential for the organization to be in adherence with all the important safety laws that are in place and ensure a safe and healthy environment.

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Conveying Emotion:

Efficient workplace safety videos can also convey safety messages in a much better way and can evoke the right emotions. The ability to tap the emotions of people can be a powerful strategy in case one wishes to send especially important messages. An effective idea or message is likelier to be remembered. Be it for safe driving, anti-smoking or safety at work, many TV advertising campaigns are found to drive the message home and evoke the kind of "shock value" that is required. The messages can enter the subconscious more easily and have a much more effective impact.

More Engaging:            

The workplace safety videos are intriguing, able to foster retention as well as learning. These are also flexible and can allow you to easily stream safety training to even remote locations – such as job sites that are distant. Efficient workplace safety videos can also let your workers complete the training in a timely fashion, and not have to commute to someplace. This can help them to learn much better.

These videos can easily cover some of the most vital general topics, such as:

  • What should be done during an emergency?
  • How injuries or illnesses can be prevented
  • How accidents on the job can be avoided

These can also easily cover many other important -safety training topics, such as the safe use of machinery, fire safety and protection, first aid, use of personal protective equipment, the proper way of hazardous materials handling, and more.


Efficient workplace safety videos are extremely cost-effective as well and can be used again and again for training new recruits. These can be great for learning reinforcement, refresher courses, and much more. There is no need for you to assign valuable economic and human resources each time that you must train employees. But you must make sure that the actual content of the video can effectively communicate safety to the target audience, connect with them much better, convey the message fast and suit the remaining section of the safety/course training material well.

Making videos to train employees is an ideal solution when employers are having budget constraints. The key reason why video making is becoming increasingly popular is that helps to implement new measures so much easier while being easy on the pocket.