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Why Use Video on the Site

by Journo Jolin - 18 May 2022, Wednesday 388 Views Like (0)
Why Use Video on the Site

When creating content for your site or blog, you should also think about the considerable help that video can bring you. More and more people are using videos to promote themselves, drive traffic to the site, sell, etc. We'll see later why you need to focus on creating videos, or using videos created by others, to put on your site or blog.

You don't have to be a genius to realize this: the video format has taken more and more control over our time and attention. However, I will give you some statistics here to see how "huge" the video is in the online world, and it continues to grow non-stop! I'm stopping here for now. And if you're not convinced yet, here's what videos can be used for:

1. To increase the value of the site

You can use videos to turn a rather bland site with just pictures and text into captivating and engaging ones. There are several types of videos you can use for this purpose. For example, you can use a promotional video in which you explain who you are and what topics and themes you will cover on the site. Or you can offer a virtual tour of the site, in which you show what visitors can find and where to look.

2. To demonstrate products or activities

Here, the "how-to" type videos are best suited. These types of videos can be used either to demonstrate your products or to distance learning customers and even co-workers. By the way, I think you noticed that I also use them quite often on this site, in the Resources and Tutorials section.

3. To make your experience known and increase your authority

Many businesses have focused on these types of videos, in which they provide accurate business information from the niche or market they are in. So, you can create educational videos or informative videos about the latest news from the niche. Also, the videos gathered from other experts can be included, cataloged, and then published on your site.

4. To bring traffic to the site

If you didn't know, videos are highly appreciated by search engines, and if you know how to do SEO optimization, you can bring a lot of traffic to your site with their help. Use keywords in the title and description, create more videos focused on different search terms, and put them on different social media sites to increase the chances of back-linking to your site. Last but not least, you have to give value, to make people follow you and come back another time.

5. To make money

You can use the videos to show your products or services, just as you can use them as an advertisement for others to earn affiliations.

6. To promote an event

If you found out about an event, a new product launch, a webinar, about some bonuses or special offers, you can use the video to promote them in case you win!

7. To give a face to your business

It is straightforward to give a "human face" to your business or company with the help of a video in which you expose yourself to people. You can do this by making a short welcome video or introducing your colleagues to the site. Or you can do this through video testimonials from those who have benefited from your products or services.

8. To draw attention to your brand and promote it

You don't have to create the videos yourself. You can very well use site visitors for this! How? Create a contest with prizes in which visitors will make videos promoting your site. The same goes for video testimonials about your products. Or you can urge users to share on Facebook or other social media sites or put your videos on their site.

9. To stand out

If you are in a market where videos are not used much or your competition does not do it often enough, you can use these things to "get ahead" and stand out.

When you use video on your site, you use a potent marketing tool. Whether you want to make money, share your knowledge with others, or bring traffic to the site, you can use the video format to turn your site from a static one into something dynamic and engaging that attracts and retains visitors' attention.


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