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Wedding Bar Decoration Ideas to Impress Your Guests

by Smith Willas - 16 Oct 2022, Sunday 62 Views Like (0)
Wedding Bar Decoration Ideas to Impress Your Guests

Without a bar counter or bar area, your wedding venue is incomplete. These days, wedding bars are becoming very popular among people. And you can get various themes, designs and decorative items for wedding bars. So, irrespective of your wedding theme, you can have a suitable wedding bar setup if you search a little.

A wedding bar is a place that attracts and entertains most of your guests. Once your guests toast celebratory champagne and congratulate you, most of them will make their way to the bar section and find some refreshments. Some may spend the entire time roaming around the place. Therefore, this section of your wedding venue gets the most popularity, irrespective of where you set it up.

So, it is wise to put in some extra effort and make your wedding bar the centre of attention. It will make your wedding venue more attractive and memorable for your guests. You can use creative ways to decorate the bar section and make it a highlight of the event. Thoughtfully designing the bar section can also save you expenses. If you put the wedding welcome sign on the bar entrance, you do not need to put the same elsewhere, or if you get a floral theme bar, you can save money by making flower walls and gates and using minimal flowers in the venue.   

Here, we will share some interesting wedding bar decoration ideas for your help.

  1. Add some glassware -

Glassware is stunning, elegant and beautiful. You can have various shapes and styles of glassware, including colourful ones. Glassware can be an excellent choice if you are planning to make your wedding bar a highlight. The charming set of glassware simmering under the light is enough to make your guests spellbound.  

  1. Customisable water bottles –

Customisation is the modern way to add a personal touch. And when it comes to decorating your wedding bar, then it must have some personal touch that indicates the event. Customisable water bottle labels can be a simple yet effective way to bring a personal touch. Many custom water bottle labels are available in the market for weddings, birthdays, and more. And you can get anything written on the labels ( like Just married or x weds y) as per your choice. 

  1. Customisable coasters –

Dinks arrangements without coasters are impossible. Still, most of us do not pay much attention to this tiny thing and pick whatever we find generally. But do you know it attracts many guests who visit your wedding bar? So, experimenting with coasters and replacing ordinary ones with custom coasters can be a great way to amaze your visitors. The customisable coasters allow you to choose the coaster's shape, design and material and what will be written on it.

  1. Welcome sign –

Wedding decoration is incomplete without the welcome sign. It attracts a lot of eyes and announces the event beautifully. They make your event more special and unforgettable. But you can place the welcome sign at the top of your wedding bar instead of a gate. A welcome sign will let you go creative and make your wedding bar unique.

  1. Use seasonal flowers-

Many people use traditional flowers like roses to decorate the wedding venue, but adding seasonal flowers and greens to your bar can look aesthetically pleasing if you are organising the event outdoors. Also, seasonal natural decors are not much expensive and can perfectly fit your budget. You can also add floral and herbal garnishing to cocktails and mocktails the complete the scenario.

  1. Bar Monograms-

Bar monograms have similar functions to wedding welcome signs. You can personalise the bar with customisable monograms. Letting your guests know for whom the celebration is organised or a sweet note of thanks from the couple can make the guests feel warm. Choose a monogram that compliments your bar setup and design the message for more fun.

  1. Statement shelf-

Statement shelves are quite popular nowadays. They are available in various sizes and shapes. The bar counter cannot display all the beautiful designer glasses, but a statement shelf works. It helps you display your collection of glassware and wines.

  1. Wine cart-

Usually, your guests go to the bar for a drink, but you can go creative and use something portable to keep your guests engaged. Wine carts charm the whole decoration with a display of champagnes, vodkas and Roses. Your guests can enjoy cocktails made by professionals or create one themselves. Your guests will surely love this creative idea.

  1. A round bar-

The bar is the centre of attraction of a wedding venue, and a round bar is very helpful in this case. A round bar helps bartenders easily attend to guests, and there will be no queue in front of the bar. Your guests will praise you for this venture as nobody likes to wait for their drinks.

A wedding bar is an irreplaceable part of modern weddings. And if you are planning to throw a wedding party or a small celebration, it is obvious to find a suitable wedding bar setup that complements the entire theme of your wedding event. We all know your celebration will be dull and low without the bar section. So, why not devote time and thought for making the place unique and impress your guests with creativity? You can try the shared tips to decorate your wedding bar and leave a good impression on your guests. But you should always choose the decorations according to the entire theme. If you are having a lawn dinner for your wedding celebration, opt for breezy and soulful decorations instead of classic and antique glassware or lighting.