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Data on Hiring Activity From Job-Search Sites for Tech Job Seekers 2022

by Neomi Rao - 03 Dec 2021, Friday 493 Views Like (0)
Data on Hiring Activity From Job-Search Sites for Tech Job Seekers 2022

???????The aviation, hospitality, and media sectors are still struggling to recover, while finance and healthcare continue to attract job seekers: Report

India's hiring activity has crossed pre-pandemic levels, as of October 1, 2021, job postings are 9.6 percent above the February 2020 baseline. Clicks (job seekers' interest) for childcare jobs rose by a massive 173 percent in September 2021 compared with September 2020, according to data from job-search site Indeed.

Several other industries have also seen significant increases in job seekers' interest, including the social sciences (88 percent), MedTech (61 percent), chemical engineering (56 percent), and agriculture (55 percent).

Job Sectors and roles that experienced growth and decline

An increase in interest in the personal care sector might have been attributed to the opening up of this sector and the approaching holiday season. There was a 50 percent increase in clicks for roles under the 'personal' category in September 2021 when compared to September 2020.

Additionally, the data revealed that the jobs under therapy (47 percent) and med dental (42 percent) saw a modest rise in September 2021.

Since schools and businesses across the country began opening in phases, hiring activity for roles in education and HR has increased. In comparison to the same month last year clicks for functional roles under education such as 'trainer', 'faculty', 'teacher', and 'English teacher' increased by 34 percent, while roles such as 'human resources specialist', 'recruiter', 'human resources manager', 'recruitment resource', and 'IT recruiter' under the HR function experienced a 9 percent increase in clicks.

Clicks continue to suffer a 37 percent decline in the aviation sector. Along with aviation, clicks for driver jobs (-16 percent), hospitality jobs (-11 percent), and transport jobs (-10 percent) declined. In addition to media (-20 percent), marketing (-12.6 percent), and administration (-10 percent), several other sectors saw their click counts decline from September 2020 to September 2021.

Employers are seeking to hire more customer-facing roles as a result of the reopening of businesses in the consumption sector. Various state governments have also been focusing on boosting vaccination rates. In September 2021, job postings for roles such as 'customer service representative', 'customer relations representative', 'customer care specialist', 'customer support representative', and 'desktop support technician' jumped 36 percent compared to September 2020.

In customer support roles: The number of posts related to tech information (20 percent), tech help (15 percent), and tech software (14 percent) increased, as large businesses continue to rely on technology. In the same period, posting management only increased by 3 percent.

In addition, Indeed's data shows that postings for technical roles such as system engineers, test engineers, quality engineers, and process engineers increased by 43 percent from September 2020 to September 2021. Postings for functional roles increased during the same period. Increases were seen in HR (33 percent), finance (32 percent), and retail (30 percent).

A de-growth in job postings was observed in the Insurance (-41 percent), Driver (-37 percent), Construction (-35 percent), Media (-30 percent), and installation roles (-30 percent) such as service engineer, technician, maintenance person, operator, and utility worker.

We hear that more than 70 percent of the eligible population have received the first dose following the retreat of Covid-19 - as reported by the Health Ministry - as a result of an increase in clicks and postings in key areas such as HR, education, retail, finance, and agriculture. As the festive season approaches, there appears to be a guarded resilience in the job market, which will continue to grow.

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